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Ada helping me do some work back in NE!

About me

This is my 11th year teaching, but only my third year teaching high school! I taught 7th & 8th Grade English & Reading back in Nebraska! I have two daughters: Ada (5 years) and Ellis (2 months). My wife (Kate) is a Professor for ASU in the field of Leadership Studies. I'm also taking courses to become a principal through ASU. 

My Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that students need to be challenged, to be pushed outside of their comfort zones so they can experience failure and/or embarrassment. However, for this type of experience to be constructive they must also trust that their peers and teacher will support them throughout. I also believe that students need opportunities to explore and develop their own unique style of learning. We're all different, and so we need to celebrate our diversity rather than force compliance to a single way of doing things. Sometimes this is the hardest part for myself as a teacher and leader.

What I can guarantee is that I will always hold each of my students to the highest expectations; even if they don't believe themselves to be capable my work will be to ensure they have been given the right environment to grow as a reader, writer, and learner. 

Not everything that we do in ELA 3-4 will work well, as an educator I regularly take risks (educational ones of course!) and explore new opportunities every day. If something isn't quite working you can bet that the next day I'll have a new method to attempt. Even with fluctuation, the core of all the work is instilled with the state standards in mind.

I'm glad to have the opportunity to explore the written language with you, and I hope that at the end of the year you've gained mastery in at least one skill, and that you've also gained a drive to become a life long learner.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share the journey with you!

~Harley McCain, ELA 3-4 & ELA 3-4 Level Leader

Portions of site are under construction, for now links to important rubrics or other materials will be posted here in addition to Canvas.