Ms. Doyne's math zone

2018-2019 School Year

HELLO! My name is Ms. Doyne, or Ms. D.

This is my third year at Hardin Intermediate and I am more than excited to start this school year!

We have a lot that we are going to learn this year. Some things will be a build on from last year and some things will be brand new. There will be challenges that we may face, but I am here to help and guide. Everyone plays a major part in making this year successful.

Within this site you will be able to find announcements, math practice, real-world suggestions and much more. If you have any ideas of anything further I can add to help assist, please let me know.

1. BLOOMZ (see the tab for more information)


3. 972-708-3300


All announcements and reminders are also posted in BLOOMZ. To ensure that you are connected to our classroom, please sign up with BLOOMZ now.