To Our Valued Customers:

The world health community continues to monitor closely the emergence of COVID-19. At this time, no one knows how severe this outbreak will be. Given this uncertainty, and the fact that the seasonal influenza (flu) virus is also widespread, we are taking proactive steps to address a number of business concerns. First and foremost, we want to maintain a safe workplace and encourage and/or adopt practices protecting the health of employees, visitors, and customers. We also want to ensure the continuity of business operations during this pandemic.

For now, we are business as usual within our 4 walls. Our ladies continue to grow and we will continue harvesting in order to provide the best flower we can to our customers. However, we will remove all scheduled on-site visits and limit face-to-face meetings as much as we possibly can. Our staff will remain fully available to you by phone and e-mail. Our Sales Manager will continue delivering to you; albeit keeping her distance in order to keep herself and you safe ;)

The Show Goes On…..

Stay Safe and let’s play our part to provide some much needed cannabis to the folks at home!


Anthony Palacio COO

Dutch Valley Farms