Norms and Guidelines


In room 61, we agree to always...

· Show respect for everyone and take responsibility for our actions.

· Support, encourage, and motivate each other.

· Respect each other’s ideas and opinions.

· Maintain a positive attitude.

· Be active participants during class discussions and activities.


There is absolutely no bullying allowed. Bullying, in any form, will not be tolerated. If bullying occurs:

1. Students need to tell an appropriate adult.

2. Students need to refrain from bullying in response.

3. School and families will work together to respond appropriately.

4. Disciplinary action will result when necessary.

Consequences for not adehring to the classroom norms

1. Verbal Warning

2. Disciplinary writing assignment or change in seating assignment if necessary

3. 30 minutes of detention

4. One week of 30 minute detentions and/or Saturday school

5. In the event of a severe disruption or if the student has already received the previously mentioned consequences, the student will be sent to the Dean of Students’ office immediately.

Rewards for adhering to the classroom norms

· Verbal praise

· Griffiths Bucks

· Positive note sent home

· Raffles/Prizes

· Class party