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About Me

My name is Jordan Porter, and I teach Math I and Math II at Denair High School. I graduated with my BA in Mathematics and minor in Computer Science from CSU Stanislaus in 2017. Some of my hobbies and interests include traveling, reading, beekeeping, and, of course, math! I am very excited to be teaching at Denair, and I wish all of my students success in the coming months.

About This Website

For each class that I teach, you can view the homework assignments and the powerpoints for each lesson. In addition to the powerpoints, some sections also have links to useful videos online that can help students if they need extra help or missed class.

Some Useful Links

Here is a link to the online curriculum. In it you can see the eTextbook and extra online videos and resources that directly match up with what we are working on. All assigned book problems can be found here.

Click " Easy Bridge Plus and Auto. Fill in all the requested info and it will log you in!

Pearson Easy Bridge

This is a great resource for videos/extra practice on topics that we learn in this class:

This is a link to a very excellent and free online graphing calculator:

Here is a link to a very cool and free geometric construction software. We will very likely be using this software in class on our Chromebooks in Math II at some point in the semester:

Do you think you're good at math? Do you think you're reaaallyy good at math? Try out some of the problems on this website! This has a bunch of fun and challenging high school level math questions for you to take a crack at.

Was Maths Challenge too easy for you? Well...

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