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Criminal Justice is a system that is comprised of three main components, Law Enforcement, the Courts and Corrections. The goal of our Criminal Justice program is to inform the students of the inner workings of these components. We have created four classes that we feel will be insightful to the students. These classes are designed not only to inform, but also give the student the primary knowledge that is need to enter the fields within the Criminal Justice field.

We are now able to offer college credits at Modesto Junior College, for the Criminal Justice classes we offer. The Program is called The Early College/ Tech Prep 2+2 Program. The students must earn a passing grade of a "B" or an "A" in order to earn the units. The Students then must register at Modesto Junior College to receive their credits.

If at anytime you have any questions regards to your students performance or grade feel free to contact me. I can be reached by phoning the school office, and leaving a message or by email.