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Year 13 Mock Examinations

Year 13 Mock Exams Timetable

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Important Information

If a student is sitting a mock examination in their subject they will receive a personalised timetable, this has been sent home with a letter explaining expectations and procedures around mock exams.

If there is a clash between subjects the personal timetable will explain what they need to do, which exam they will sit when and which room to go to.

For your information a large copy of the timetable can be found on the exams noticeboard on the main corridor outside of G8 at DSFC.

Students are reminded of the following points around regulations for examinations:

  • Students are required to be at the location of their exam 15 MINUTES prior to the timetabled start time.
  • If you are having difficulties arriving on time, please contact the examinations office as soon as possible.
  • Late arrivals may not be permitted entry to the exam.
  • Wrist Watches of any kind are not permitted.
  • Student ID Cards must be presented on entry to the exam room and displayed on your examination desk, picture facing up.
  • Students are required to attend their exams with the required equipment i.e. A BLACK PEN/CALCULATORS
  • Students are not permitted to wear hooded tops, hats/scarves or any outdoor clothing during an examination and will be asked to remove them.
  • Students are expected to wear appropriate clothing i.e. No bra tops, skimpy vests, shorts, and will be asked to leave the examination room or given appropriate clothing to wear, if we feel dress is causing embarrassment or distraction to others
  • The room allocated on the exam timetable is subject to change. Any changes will be published on the Examination Notice Board (situated outside room G8) by 2.30 p.m. the day prior to each exam
  • Please ignore the seat on the exam timetable this is purely for administration purposes.

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