Reading Teacher

Koortbojian Summer Reading Teacher


Position: Elementary Reading Teacher (Grades 3-6)

Reports To: Director of Reading Camp

Mission Statement: Durham Nativity School (DNS) provides an excellent education for young men, empowering

them to make a difference in the world. Additionally, DNS offers and operates the Koortbojian Reading Camp. It

is a tuition-free academic summer camp, providing access to high-interest books, and fostering a love of reading

for boys and girls in the community.

Organization Description: As one of 47 Miguel Nativity Schools, Durham Nativity School is a faith-based

private middle school for 5th-8th grade boys of low socioeconomic status who have a desire to succeed and show

strong academic and leadership potential. Additionally, DNS is committed to developing community service

projects, such as the Koortbojian Reading Camp. The academic camp addresses reading comprehension skills and

keeps students engaged during the summer when many students regress.

Description: Durham Nativity School’s Koortbojian Reading Camp is seeking a highly motivated, highly qualified,

and creative Language Arts/Reading teacher who upholds and promotes the Mission, Vision, of Durham Nativity

School. This teacher should be one who can teach the state and national standards/curriculum for Writing and

Reading through creative, exciting, and motivating instructional strategies which address the learning styles of

the students. The teacher should have classroom management skills that respect the students’ needs while being

conducive to fostering a love of reading. Most importantly, the teacher should have a personal love for reading

and be able to guide students to and through books that will pique their interest.

Schedule: Part-time (8am-Noon), June 17-July 26, 2019.

Compensation: compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience.

Requirements: In order to be considered for this position, the applicant must show proof of the following:

● 1-3 years official/documented classroom teaching or camp experience, including student teaching

● Positive evaluations from current/former supervisors

Preferences: In order to be preferred for this position, the applicant must show proof of the above and the


● Bachelor's degree in Education or relevant field (English, Literature, Reading, Writing, etc.)

● North Carolina Licensure in English/Language Arts (Reading & Writing)

● Professional Development/Training in effective Reading and Writing Instruction

● Knowledge of or Experience in Differentiated Instruction

● Knowledge of or Experience in Balanced Approach to Literacy (Guided Reading, Literature Circles, Word

Study, etc.)

To Apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to Kevin Mahoney: