Getting Ready for Secondary School

A Guide for all students starting Durham Federation

Welcome to Durham Federation!

We are very excited that you are joining our school and we hope you are too.

We know that has been a strange year and we are sorry that you have not yet been able to visit the school building. We hope that our socially distanced tours in the Summer Term will help you feel more familiar with your new school site.

Even though we have not had the opportunity to carry out the usual transition activities, we have still been planning some super duper things for you to do to help you get to know your teachers and for them to get to know you too.

Use this site each week between now and the summer holidays to help you prepare fully for Year 7. We will be visiting you at your primary school too.

If text is underlined it means it is a link and it will take you somewhere interesting.

The links below are there to help you prepare for secondary school. At the very bottom of the page you will find some learning challenges. You can complete them all at once or take your time between now and September. If you need any help please send an email to

Our School Building

Due to social distancing rules we are currently running tours by appointment only. Use this video as welcome to our school and take a sneak peek before you come on site.

Virtual Classrooms

Our teachers have created some brilliant virtual classrooms. Visit each one of them and find out more.

Google Docs

We are a Google School and we are busy making you a new email address and Google Drive so you can access all of your learning anywhere in the world. Watch this video to find our how it works.

Need Some Help?

You might be feeling a little nervous about starting a new school. Visit the Pastoral Team Site and find out all about them. They are there to help you every day.

Learning Activities for Each Subject Area

We may not be able to meet in person but we can still get to know each other.

Your English Teachers would like you to complete some learning tasks before they meet you in person. Please try your best to complete the tasks in this area and bring them with you when you start school in person. This can be done electronically or on paper

Your Maths Teachers have made a special presentation for you and it contains tasks to be completed. It also tells you all about the department and your teachers. Follow the instructions in the presentation and try your best. Remember, first impressions count!

Our PE Department are very passionate about all things PE and they can't wait for you to be a part of our team. They also run all of our House Competitions so don't forget to find out about your Heap, Tinker or Redgrave House Captain by visiting the main school website

Click the above link to visit your very own Science classroom. Watch the video explanations and select the tasks you would like to complete.

Visit the English Virtual Classroom and find out how you can access 6000 new books! We love reading at Durham Federation and the more you do the better a learner you will become so let's get started. How many books can you read before September?

Our Creative Department can't wait to see your work. Please follow the link above to visit their virtual classroom. There are lots of interesting things to do there.

Click the link above and select some challenges to complete. If you are able to print them you could bring them to school on your first day.

We may not be able to travel very far this summer but we can still earn a Science Passport! Click the link and complete the tasks.

The Sunflower Challenge

Can you grow the tallest sunflower? We can't wait to see them! You will be receiving your kit and instructions in the post. Contact if you have any questions.

Then why not try out for the Evolution Football Academy at Durham Federation? Click the link above for more information.