Mission Log

Tuesday, August 20

Students will be coming into the school Thursday afternoon to find out who their teacher will be! Are they ready for me? They will be greeted by a Nuggets on Mars banner hanging above my classroom door. What will they be thinking? Are they ready to figure out how to get chickens to Mars? Stay tuned..

Friday, August 30

Today we were able to watch a live downlink from the International Space Station! Astronaut Christina Koch will talked with students across NC. Christina Koch was selected as an astronaut by NASA in 2013. Koch graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Physics and a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering. She is currently working on her first spaceflight as part of Expedition 59, 60 and upcoming Expedition 61 scheduled for October. Koch is slated to set a record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman with an expected total of 328 days in space.

Friday, September 13

Started brainstorming and thinking about getting chickens to Mars.

September 19

Poultry 101 today. First lesson: Chicken paw dissection..

September 27

Today we learned how NASA has been utilizing 3-D printers. So that meant a field trip to our library to look at the maker bot we have!

October 9

Our second STEM class of 6th graders were able to visit the Nash Johnson chicken hatchery today. We were able to tour the facilities and learn how over 350,000 eggs are being hatched a day right next to our school! Students learned what needs to be available to hatch all those eggs. The tour ended with seeing an egg hatch!

October 12

We have our soil prepared, grow lights and materials set up. Monday we will officially begin growing plants for NASA. Check out https://www.fairchildgarden.org/Science-Conservation-/Growing-Beyond-EarthNasa-and-Fairchild

Growing Beyond Earth (GBE) is Fairchild’s NASA-funded classroom science project designed to advance research on growing plants aboard spacecraft. As NASA looks toward a long term human presence beyond Earth orbit, there are specific science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) challenges related to food production. GBE is addressing those challenges by expanding the diversity and quality of edible plants that can be grown in space. On Earth, GBE is also improving technologies for gardening in urban, indoor, and other resource-limited settings.

Students have enjoyed watching our plant samples grow.

Tuesday is day 28, HARVEST day!!

Great day to tour the hatchery! Students are able to see what is happening right next door to our school. Thank you to Nash Johnson for providing this opportunity to our students.

Thank you Dr. Shannon Jennings and Mr. Dave Witter, and Nash Johnson for teaching us all about chickens and answering our questions. We have been brainstorming ways to get chickens to Mars.

Showcasing all of our hard work at the

North Carolina Farm Bureau Annual Convention.