Products & Services

Business Solutions


  1. Second-hand Reselling

  2. Second-hand Furnishing

  3. Eco-brand/ Upcycled Product Launch, Marketing & Strategies

  4. Eco-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Campaigns

  5. Green Technology Implementation

  6. Green Event Management (esp. press conference, wedding)

  7. Green Industries Consultancy & Advisory


  1. Research and Development

  2. Intellectual Property Management

  3. Tech-transfer and Commercialization

  4. Technical Due Diligence for Pre-investment/ M&A

  5. Fundamental Analysis on Public Listed Biotech Companies

  6. Global Sourcing


  1. Design thinking (lectures, workshops)

  2. Entrepreneurship, particularly Technopreneurship (lectures, workshops)

  3. Education on Biotech (lectures and visits)

  4. Education on Green Tech (lectures and visits)

  5. Advisory on Higher Education Dissertation and Thesis (consultation sessions)

  6. Mentorship and Internship

Our Brand Names

Brand names managed under DunDum Solutions Group include:

  1. DunDum (reselling, upcycling and green technologies implementation for corporates)

  2. JACK (an eco-social upcycled project, from used earphones to benefiting the hearing impaired)

  3. Define Consultancy (higher education dissertation and thesis advisory)

  4. DM Life (biotech-lifestyle products)

  5. Chow Loyea Jewelry & Jade (Jewelry & Jade)

  6. TING Research & Consultancy (biotech projects and listed companies due diligence and deep study)

Our Proud Works

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