Glen Mathews

I can confirm Duncan is a brilliant singing teacher. I wouldn't have considered myself a singer at the start of this year (2020) but, thanks to Duncan's coaching, I now have a lead role in a musical. If you're looking for a singing teacher you couldn't find better than Duncan!

Inundil Bandara

I have been attending classes with Duncan Bouwer since 2019.

I consider myself very lucky to have found such a brilliant Music teacher. He is able to intuitively pick up on areas where further improvement is required and provide effective and precise exercises for improvement. Since I've started the classes with Duncan my vocals have improved considerably. I have extended my classes to include Keyboard training as well which is going great. Thank you so much Duncan!

Minette Wolmarans

I would highly recommend Duncan as a vocal coach.

From the moment you start your journey with him, you immediately feel safe. It's a safe place where you can make mistakes and feel encouraged to grow/learn instead of self-deprecating. He's very encouraging, patient and helped me gain confidence in myself while showing me the correct singing techniques. What stands out about Duncan is how open he is to all genres of vocal styles. He learns with you and researches so he can help bring out the best in you. My voice has grown leaps and bounds and now feels strong, supported and secure

These are not the only knowledge and skills he passes down but also qualities that are hard to find in a person. That's what makes Duncan better than all other vocal teachers. A perfect mixture of care and skill.

Tanya Gould

Jan 2021

Duncan has been my singing teacher at two different stages in my life. After completing a drama degree, I wanted to develop my natural singing voice further. In my early twenties, Duncan took me on as a student and initiated me into the world of learning to develop my voice through exercises and songs that not only worked on my voice but also on my confidence. Duncan has an in depth approach and considers not only the voice but the person behind the voice.

Nearly 25 years later, Duncan has been my singing teacher again. Together we continued to explore the range of my voice which has matured with age, working to use it optimally in a variety of ways that have been challenging and rewarding. Duncan is collaborative in his approach, taking into account where you want to go and what you want to do with your singing. He is extremely knowledgeable and always aims for the best manner in which to make your particular voice produce a versatile well-rounded sound.

Having worked on various international albums and on my own body of work over many years, I highly recommend Duncan as a thorough and insightful vocal coach.

Ian Gould

Jan 2021

I got to know Duncan as I accompanied him on guitar. He, the singer and me, the instrumentalist. Over the years I have sung, probably like most people, but I never really thought of myself as a singer.

One day he encouraged me to think of myself as a singer and offered me singing lessons to help with the transition from someone who says, “I do sing sometimes, but I am not really a singer”, towards saying, “I sing”.

For me it has been a significant change. Somehow he was woven voice techniques, exercises, songs to practice and how to think about my voice into a change in how I see my voice. The result is an increase in my confidence, an improved ability to self-analyse the kind of sound my voice is making. The result: a more rounded, less hesitant, more full-bodied sound. I feel like I can own my voice more and take it somewhere.

As he knows, I don’t perform often and I don’t practice much these days. My voice is still fundamentally richer, though, and if I plan to “perform” somewhere I know what to practice and listen for and who I am (currently) as a singer. In any case, I now find that I am happy and even keen to “perform” more often.

I am grateful to have been able to find someone to trust with this most personal part of me, my voice. Under Duncan’s honest, gentle and firm guidance, I have changed permanently.

Georgie (13)

Duncan really helped me improve my technique and was energetic and positive to work with. He showed me lots of different ways to get the right sound, and I noticed the difference, with my voice becoming clearer and my range increasing..