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Closure Information

Hello Students and Parents. During these first 3 weeks of closure, all assignments, supplementary material, and meet-ups are "enhanced learning opportunities" (not graded).

You can check the calendars below for information about your class. If you are a parent, some of the links may be only available to DUSD accounts. If you'd like to see it, just click on "Request Access" or have your child open the link through their account. Students: Check this calendar and google classroom to maintain your skills/learning! After Spring Break, we will be moving into "distance learning" (assignments will be graded in some capacity). I'll have more information on that soon, so stay tuned for an email or google classroom announcement. (I strongly suggest you do enhanced learning opportunities if you can - they'll make sure you are maintaining and reviewing everything we've learned!)

Freshman Seminar Calendar

English 11 Calendar

AP Lit Calendar

My YouTube channel w/ instructional videos

I love Dublin High! This will be my sixth year teaching here. I have a bachelor's degree in English from UCLA and a Single Subject Credential in English and Masters in Teaching from Saint Mary's College of California. I've also continued my professional development with lots of tech conferences (CUE) and programs (MERIT at Krause Center for Innovation).


Room: L-209 (1st period) and L-213 (2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th period)

Extension: 7228

Office Hours: 7:15 - 8am daily; after school by appointment

To get more information about your class specifically, click on the name of your class using the tabs above.

Please e-mail me at anytime throughout the year (address listed below) with any questions or concerns.