Digital Literacy 6

6th grade Digital Literacy

Wells Middle School

Mrs. Rosso

(925) 828-6227 #6086

I will be using Google Classroom and Google Drive as day-to-day learning platforms. Primarily, work done in class, on and offline, will take the place of traditional “homework”. Participation and effort count! Classwork students do not complete during class may become homework; I will inform students if that is the case. Students need to follow posted due dates and are responsible for finishing all classwork that they do not complete during class time. We will do most individual work and collaboration within Google Drive and Google Classroom, using individual applications and sites. Students check Google Classroom posts on the Stream and Classwork tabs. Completed assignments will be listed in my Infinite Campus gradebook, visible on the Student/Parent Portal. If a student misses class time, check Google Classroom to see what is current: students have access to some class content and specific assignments, projects, and quizzes. If absent, Google Classroom should make it easier for students to make up work at home. Students succeed when attending every day, learning and collaborating, online and in person.

DIGITAL MEDIA: Access, Analyze, Evaluate, and Produce it!
Education - Presentation - Digital Citizenship - Keyboarding - Coding
Digital pictures tell a story. Digital footprints tell your online story. Clarity - Positivity - Impact