Mr. G's Homepage

Mr. Guastamachio (Mr. G)

Room: J107

Office Hours: Wednesdays during lunch (please let me know if you plan to come).

For the past 10 years I have been a corporate finance professional working in industries ranging from hedge funds, utilities, biotechnology, video gaming, and software as a service. That career worked well for me and I learned a lot but eventually people change. Now I am looking forward to working with young adults and helping them prepare themselves for both their future careers and adulthood by learning how math can be used in real life. Below is a little more about me and my classes for this year.

Course Schedule: (see my subject pages for information on each class)

  • Period 1 - Algebra 2/Trig
  • Period 2 - Algebra 2/Trig
  • Period 3 - Algebra 2/Trig (room J105)
  • Period 4 - Unassigned
  • Lunch
  • Period 5 - Geometry
  • Period 6 - Prep
  • Period 7 - Geometry

More About Me...

I live in Dublin and am married with two wonderful daughters. We attend a lot of community events including parades and festivals and can often be found going to one park or another in our red radio flyer wagon. My favorite hobby is to go scuba diving in Monterey and I love reading and watching sci-fi (so much so that I've themed my classroom this way). I love being a part of the community and if you happen to see me around town feel free to walk up and say hi!