DCS Resource Guide

Welcome to Dublin City Schools!

Dublin City Schools is one of Ohio's most diverse school districts, featuring students from more than 100 countries speaking more than 70 languages. Our diversity is a tremendous source of pride for our students and staff because students from around the globe provide all of us with opportunities to experience different cultures, languages, and customs right here in Central Ohio.

The local community is rich with programs and organizations that help our students and their families get acclimated to the area. This resource guide will help direct you to those organizations and the services they provide.

If you have difficulty understanding English, you may, free of charge, request language assistance services for Dublin City Schools information by contacting the Office of Student Services (614) 764-5913 or email us at: warburton_vicki@dublinschools.net

This information is being provided as a community service to our parents. With the exception of the Dublin City Schools Free Lunch Program, these are independent organizations and not directly affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Dublin City Schools.

Dublin City Schools Registration Process

As part of the registration process, your child has been assigned to a temporary grade level based on his/her birth date. Once your child begins school, the principal will review previous school records and staff will collect or review assessment data in order to identify the appropriate grade level and classroom placement for your child.

Bring all required documentation to your scheduled appointment:

  1. Proof of Residency (Must provide two of the following the parent/guardian’s name)

    1. Electric bill (current)

    2. Gas bill (current)

    3. Water bill (current)

    4. Mortgage statement

    5. Signed settled statement

    6. Print out from County Auditor website identifying parent/guardian as the owner of the property

    7. Property tax statement

    8. Deed

    9. Rental Agreement, signed by the landlord

    10. Voter registration card

    11. ***If you are currently residing with someone in the Dublin City School District, please select one of the following forms to complete:

      1. Statement of Occupancy (if living with someone in the district who rents their home)

      2. Affidavit for Families Residing with Friends or Relatives (if living with someone in the district who owns their home)

***Forms are available at the Welcome Center to complete during your appointment

***Notaries are available at the Welcome Center during your appointment

  1. Original Birth Certificate or Original Passport

    1. An original birth certificate, or

    2. An original passport (if U.S. passport, must provide original birth certificate)

  2. Photo ID for custodial parent/guardian

  3. Immunization Records

    1. T.B. results (see Health and Medical Section below)

  4. Divorce/Custody documentation (if applicable) - must be court signed and date/time stamped.

    1. Final divorce decree which may include shared parenting plan or joint custody agreement, naming a specific parent as the residential parent/school placement parent.

    2. Temporary order naming a specific custodian/guardian

    3. Grandparent Power of Attorney

    4. Military Power of Attorney

  5. TB Test Results must be provided if:

    1. The child (student) has spent 30 or more consecutive days in a TB-endemic region within the past five years

    2. The child (student) was born in a TB endemic region. Click here to see an endemic region list.

***(TB test MUST have been done within the past year & have been performed in the United States)

  1. Current IEP (if applicable) - *Individual Education Plan, ETR - Evaluation Team Report, MFE, or 504 Plan

  2. Homeschooled students - If your child was homeschooled during the previous school year and you were not a resident of Dublin, please provide a copy of the letter which released your child from compulsory education.

  3. If you are registering a high school student, please bring official high school transcript. If you are registering a middle school student, please bring the student’s last report card.

Dublin City Schools Child Find

Child Find is the process of locating, evaluating, and identifying children with disabilities who may be in need of special education and related services. Parents, relatives, public and private agency employees, childcare providers, physicians, and concerned citizens are encouraged to help Dublin City Schools find any child, age birth – 21, who may have a disability and is in need of special education and related services. If you suspect a child may have a disability, please contact the Dublin City Schools Department of Student Services at 5175 Emerald Parkway in Dublin, phone 614-764-5913, or visit www.dublinschools.net.

Dublin City Schools General Information

To access information on our district website, please visit: http://www.dublinschools.net/

To view the school calendar, please visit: http://www.dublinschools.net/Calendar.aspx

Our School Day:

High School 7:55 am - 2:42 pm

Middle School 8:28 am - 3:08 pm

Elementary School 9:10 am - 3:40 pm

AM Kindergarten 9:10 am - 11:50 am

AM Preschool 8:45 am - 11:15 am

PM Kindergarten 1:00 pm - 3:40 pm

PM Preschool 12:45 pm - 3:15 pm

Schools and Building Phone Numbers:

Coffman High School Jerome High School Scioto High School

6780 Coffman Road 8300 Hyland Croy Road 4000 Hard Road

Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin, Ohio 43016 Dublin, Ohio 43016

Phone: 614.764.5900 Phone: 614.873.7377 Phone: 614.717.2464

Davis Middle School Grizzell Middle School Karrer Middle School Sells Middle School

2400 Sutter Parkway 8705 Avery Road 7245 Tullymore Drive 150 West Bridge Street

Dublin, Ohio 43016 Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin, Ohio 43016 Dublin, Ohio 43017

Phone: 614.761.5820 Phone: 614.718.8600 Phone: 614.873.0459 Phone: 614.764.5919

Bailey Elementary Chapman Elementary Deer Run Elementary Depp Elementary

4900 Brandonway Dr. 8450 Sawmill Road 8815 Avery Road 11400 Ravenhill Pkwy

Dublin, Ohio 43017 Powell, Ohio 43065 Dublin, Ohio 43017 Plain City, Ohio 43064

Phone: 614.717.6611 Phone: 614.761.5864 Phone: 614.764.5932 Phone: 614.718.8642

Glacier Ridge Elementary Hopewell Elementary Indian Run Elementary Olde Sawmill Elementary

7175 Glacier Ridge Blvd 4303 Bright Rd 80 West Bridge Street 2485 Olde Sawmill Blvd

Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin, Ohio 43016 Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin, Ohio 43016

Phone: 614.733.0012 Phone: 614.717.6617 Phone: 614.764.5928 Phone: 614.764.5936

Pinney Elementary Riverside Elementary Scottish Corners Elementary Thomas Elementary

9989 Concord Road 3260 Riverside Green Dr. 5950 Sells Mills Drive 4671 Tuttle Road

Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin, Ohio 43017 Dublin, Ohio 43017

Phone: 614.798.3570 Phone: 614.764.5940 Phone: 614.764.5963 Phone: 614.764.5970

Wright Elementary Wyandot Elementary

2335 West Case Road 5620 Dublinshire Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43235 Dublin, Ohio 43017

Phone: 614.538.0464 Phone: 614.761.5840

District Map:

To view the district map, click here.

Dublin City Schools Online Programs

Registration Gateway

To attend Dublin City Schools, a family must register their child(ren) using a program called Registration Gateway. Once this process is complete, a visit to the Welcome Center will be scheduled.

To access Registration Gateway, please visit: https://registration.dublinschools.net/

As you move through the registration process and need assistance with a language other than English, please email info@dublinschools.net with your language request. Please be sure to include your full name and school(s).

Back-to-school Update

You must update your student's information for the new school year online using our new portal, which will replace the Parent Dashboard. This system will allow you to update your contact information, medical information and emergency information. You will also be able to input email addresses and phone numbers at which you would like to receive school news and alerts.

To access Back-to-school Update, please visit: https://www.dublinschools.net/backtoschool.aspx

Express Update

The “Express Update” can be used to update the following information:

  • email and phone numbers for school news and the alert system

  • medical contacts

  • parent/guardian phone numbers

  • emergency contact information

  • email for official school records

  • request change of address

To access Express Update, please visit: https://www.dublinschools.net/ExpressUpdate.aspx


Dublin City Schools uses a program called ProgressBook for grades K-12. Parents are able to view the student’s report card in this program. To create a new Progress Book account, to access your account, or to get assistance with ParentAccess please visit: https://pa.metasolutions.net/


Schoology is Dublin City Schools Learning Management System (LMS) for students in grades 6-12. Parents can access more information about Schoology visit: http://www.dublinschools.net/schoology.aspx

How to activate your Schoology account

You will need the Parent Access Code your child brought home from school and emailed to your student's District-issued gmail address. To create a new Parent account, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Go to Schoology.com

  2. Click "Sign Up"

  3. Click on the "Parent" Button

  4. Enter your Access Code your student brought home to you and was emailed to your student's account. It should look similar to this: xxx-xxx-xxx

  5. Fill out the form with your information

  6. Click Register to complete

When you use a Parent Access Code to create an account, you will be automatically associated with that student. To associate additional students to your account, click on the Add Child button in your Schoology account. You will be prompted to enter the access code for your additional child(ten). You must have an access code for each of your children at initial setup. You can then use the linking feature to toggle between accounts.

Health and Medical

You will need TB test results:

  • If the child (student) has spent 30 or more consecutive days in a TB-endemic region within the past five years or

  • If the child (student) was born in a TB endemic region

  • To see if your country is on the TB endemic list, please visit: http://www.stoptb.org/countries/tbdata.asp

You can get a TB Skin Test at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The hours for testing are 3 - 7 pm and the cost is $11.75 for children ages 4-20 years old. TB Skin tests are available at the following locations:

Dublin Close to Home/Urgent Care

7450 Hospital Drive, Suite 100, Dublin, OH (614) 355-7000

Hilliard Close to Home/Urgent Care

4363 All Seasons Drive, Hilliard, OH (614) 355-5900


As part of Dublin City Schools registration process, all parents are asked to fill out digital health forms on CareDox. CareDox allows school nurses and parents to access and update student health information throughout the school year. Consent to the health forms must be completed at the beginning of each school year.

After attending your scheduled enrollment appointment at the Welcome Center, please wait 48 hours, and complete these final steps in the registration process.

  1. Access CareDox website at www.caredox.com

  2. Select “Login” tab.

  3. Select the “Sign Up” tab.

  4. Register using the same email address you provided at enrollment.

  5. Follow the designated prompts and complete the appropriate fields that pertain to your student(s).

Please contact the school clinic with any questions regarding CareDox.

Mental Health

Dublin City Schools employs specialists that work with students presenting mental health needs that significantly impact their academic success. Student Support Specialist staff members are trained mental health professionals who have a master’s level degree in social work. The Student Support Specialist holds a license from the Counselor, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist Board and a Pupil Services License from the Ohio Department of Education.

The mission of the Student Support Specialist is to enhance the social and emotional growth and academic outcomes of all students. The framework is designed to support all students by promoting student well being and personal success.

Student Support Specialist services are an integral part of the education of all children by collaborating with schools, families and communities to reduce barriers to student learning and enhance positive mental wellness. Services focus on enhancing the student’s ability to acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary for becoming a healthy, productive individual. This staff is committed to provide services to students in a way that builds upon individual strengths, respects diversity and life experiences, prioritizes personal goals and fosters meaningful relationships. The ultimate goal is to promote and support students’ academic and social success.

Mental Health Crisis Resources


Franklin County: Nationwide Children’s Crisis Line, ages 17 and under call (614) 722-1800

Franklin County: NetCare Crisis Line, ages 18 and older call (614) 276-CARE (2273) or (888) 276-2273

Delaware County: HelpLine Crisis Hotline: 1-800-684-2324

Union County: Crisis Hotline: 1-800-731-5577

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Text: 4HOPE to 741741

Dublin Resources

Syntero provides compassionate, expert (school-based prevention services) to Dublin City Schools and is available to all students. The student based (prevention) services aim to strengthen resiliency & coping skills, decrease disruptive behaviors and provide support for at risk students. Prevention services are of NO COST to the students or schools. If you are interested in learning more about these services, or about the counseling and community-based services offered by Syntero please ask your child’s guidance counselor for more information. You can also visit Syntero’s website at www.syntero.org and click the “Select language” menu on the top left-hand side of the webpage to have the site translated into numerous languages.

Local Resources

CAP4Kids helps families and school find out about free and low-cost community resources that exist to improve the lives of families. CAP4Kids can connect families to behavioral counseling, teen resources, and services for children with special needs. http://cap4kids.org/columbus/

Hands on Central Ohio is the largest referral service in Ohio, and among the largest in the United States. Their professional team of certified resource specialists coordinate service delivery, strengthen food security, and make volunteer service connections for nearly 500,000 people each year. https://handsoncentralohio.org/locate-services/2-1-1/

HelpLine of Delaware and Morrow Counties updates and maintains the resource directory to link people with available services in 5 counties within Ohio. The directory contains over 4000 community and government services in the areas of human services, health, education, civic, and other organizations with detailed information on eligibility, contact information, requested documentation, fees and more. http://helplinedelmor.org/

Mental Health & Recovery Board of Union County works with the local agencies it contracts with to ensure that services are accessible, appropriate, and as affordable as possible. Services must also protect the dignity and rights of the people who receive them. In that role, the MHRB advocates for clients served by the agencies to ensure that they are respected and informed. https://www.mhrbuc.org/

Free Health Clinics

Listed below are free, income-based health clinics, public health department clinics, community health centers that are located near Dublin, OH. For the most part these clinics are for low-income persons or those without insurance. Some of them provide a wide array of services ranging from free to sliding scale services.

AAPIO Clinic - Powell

2600 Bryton Court, Powell, OH 43065, (614) 204-8627, https://www.bhtclinic.org/

Asian Free Clinic

Columbus has a significant non-English-speaking population. The AFC targets this population, with a focus on the uninsured. At the clinic, students are provided the opportunity to take patient histories and physicals, practice working with interpreters, present patients to physicians, and follow the patient through the process of evaluation. The clinic is usually held on Mondays at 5:20 pm at the Rardin Family Practice Center.

660 Ackerman Road (room 123) Columbus, OH - 43202, (614) 293-5972

Columbus Free Clinic

The Columbus Free Clinic is a free walk-in clinic that provides ongoing care on Thursday evenings (6-10 pm). They see between 20-35 patients. The clinic is staffed entirely by volunteers, so the number of patients we are able to see varies depending upon the schedules of our volunteer students and physicians. Unlike some other free clinics in the area, the CFC serves as both an acute care clinic and a primary care home. They are able to provide a variety of lab services and prescription medications at no cost to our patients.

2231 N. High St., Columbus, OH 43212, (614) 404-8417, http://www.columbusfreeclinic.com/

Helping Hands Health Wellness Center

Helping Hands is a community, faith-based, free medical clinic that serves uninsured and underserved adults in the greater Columbus and Northland area. They operate four days a week out of the Haimerl Center. They average 25 patients every clinic with the assistance of one medical doctor.

1421 Morse Rd., Columbus, OH 43229, (614) 262-5094, http://www.helpinghandsfreeclinic.org/

Help My Neighbor

At Help My Neighbor we are an outreach organization dedicated to helping individuals and their families by providing food nourishment, personal care items to sustain them in personal crisis and economic down times. Our goal is to reach out with a hand of friendship with encouragement and healthy, necessary, and daily needed life sustaining items through the generosity and contributions from individuals and corporations as one neighbor helping another. Medical assistance is available on the second Saturday of the month 8am-11am.

Smoky Row Brethren Church, 7260 Smoky Row Road, Columbus, OH 43235

La Clinica Latina

La Clinica Latina is a free clinic run designed to provide healthcare services to uninsured or underinsured Spanish-speaking patients in our community. The clinic is run completely by medical students who work with volunteer physicians to see and treat patients each week. La Clinica Latina not only helps to bridge the language, cultural, and economic disparities that many of our patients face, but it also helps medical students grow in their clinical skills, learn from volunteering physicians, and continue to utilize their Spanish skills. Students are encouraged to help out with la Clinica Latina throughout all four years of medical school and must be fluent in Spanish.

2231 North High St., Columbus, OH 43201, (614) 349-1038, www.laclinicalatinaoh.com

Physicians CareConnection

The PCC organizes voluntary primary, specialty and hospital based services in an effort to help vulnerable people access healthcare by doing the following: affords increased efficiency in how doctors volunteer their time; provide linkage for patients (under 200% Federal Poverty Guideline) to medical homes; coordinates specialty and diagnostic referrals from primary care safety-net providers and; maximizes the use of funding and in-kind services.

1390 Dublin Rd., Columbus, OH 43215, (614) 884-2441, http://www.pcchealth.org/home

Free Vision and/or Dental Clinics

Vineyard Community Center

Dental Clinic - By appointment only. We provide dental exams, fillings, extractions and cleanings. No wisdom teeth, bridgework, orthodontics or dentures. Call Fridays, 9-9:45am to schedule appointments.

Vision Clinic - By appointment only. We offer eye exams and vouchers for free eyeglasses (by application) to qualified individuals. Call Fridays, 10-10:30am to schedule appointments.

6000 Cooper Rd., Columbus, OH 43081, (614) 259-5428 http://ww2.vineyardcommunitycenter.org/free-health-legal-clinic

Parsons Avenue Dental Center

Hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 7:45 am until 4:30 pm, and Friday 8am until 3pm.Clinic will see dental emergencies at 7:45am daily on a first come, first serve walk-in basis. You will need to have the following with you: Photo ID, either proof of income or a dental insurance card

240 Parsons Ave., Columbus, OH 43215, (614) 645-7487

Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care is a walk-in clinic, outside of a traditional emergency room. Urgent care centers primarily treat injuries or illnesses requiring immediate care, but not serious enough to require an ER visit.

Dublin Close To Home Center

7450 Hospital Dr #100, Dublin, OH 43016, (614) 355-7000, http://www.nationwidechildrens.org/dublin-close-to-home-on-hospital-drive

OhioHealth Urgent Care Dublin

6905 Hospital Dr, Dublin, OH 43016, (614) 923-0300, https://www.ohiohealth.com/

Scioto Urgent Care

4760 Sawmill Rd, Columbus, OH 43235, (614) 789-9464, http://sciotourgentcare.com/

Wedgewood Urgent Care

10330 Sawmill Pkwy #300, Powell, OH 43065, (614) 923-9200, http://www.ihainc.org/wedgewoodurgentcare.html

Bilingual Medical Facilities

The facilities are available through the use of insurance. Please be sure to check with your provider to make sure they are in your network.

Kuraoka Clinic

Kuraoka Clinic is a state-of-the-art medical service that provides general medical and pediatric examination and treatment, medical checkup, pediatric health check-up, gynecological examination, smoking cessation outpatient, pain clinic, counseling in Japanese and English.

5100 Bradenton Ave. Suite A, Dublin, OH 43017, (614) 766-5500, http://www.kuraokaclinic.com/index.html

School Transportation

The Transportation Department takes several factors into consideration when determining the transport area for a school, including the safety of the walk to school, but as a general guideline us an approximate 1 mile radius for high school students and a 1/2 mile radius for middle and elementary school students. Parents will receive transportation information from either the secretary at the school or by our bus drivers.

It is important that your child arrives to their assigned bus stop five minutes before the scheduled pick-up time. Each bus driver is a trained professional who is dedicated to providing safe transportation. Driving a school bus is a demanding job. Once students load the bus, it is important they follow the rules; stay seated at all times, keep your voice down, keep your legs and arms out of the aisle and windows, and be silent at railroad crossings. Remember…safely transporting kids is serious business. Our bus drivers are trained and equipped to get the job done right…every day!

Note: If a family would like their child(ren) to be picked up and dropped off at a daycare, babysitter, or need transportation to both parent's addresses (shared parenting/divorce situations), you would need to fill out an Alternative Transportation Form. Please submit the form to the Transportation Department for approval. You can access the form at: http://www.dublinschools.net/TransForms.aspx

For more information, please visit: http://www.dublinschools.net/Transportation.aspx

If you have questions regarding transportation for your child, please call the transportation department's main line at (614) 764-5926

Information about Free and Reduced Lunch

The Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines will be used for determining eligibility. Children from families whose annual income is at or below the federal guidelines are eligible for free and reduced price meals or free milk if the school participates in the Special Milk Program.

Apply for Dublin City Schools Free and Reduced Lunch

Before starting the application process, please have the following information ready:

  • If you participate in SNAP, TANF , or FDPIR you will need to know your case number (not your card or account number).

  • If you do not participate in any of the above assistance programs, you will need to report your total household income. In that case…

    • if anyone in your household has a job, you may need to reference the earnings statements or pay stubs to report your gross income, which is different from the amount you actually receive in your paycheck.

    • if anyone receives Social Security or retirement benefits, you may need to gather the benefit statements to report the amount and frequency of the payments.

    • you may also need to reference other financial documents for additional sources of income.

You can apply for Dublin City Schools Free and Reduced Lunch program by visiting the following website: https://www.lunchapplication.com/

Dublin City Schools Breakfast/Lunch Menu

You can view breakfast and lunch menus at each of the buildings, in various languages. To view the menus, visit: http://dublinschools.nutrislice.com/

Dublin City Schools Free Summer Lunch Program

Dublin City Schools runs a Free Summer Lunch Program each summer, in the months of June and July. All children under the age of 18 are eligible to participate. The building location of the program takes place at Daniel Wright Elementary each year so be sure to check with your building for more information.


An option for paying for school lunches is by using an online program called EZPay. This option allows parents the opportunity to pre-pay for lunches instead of sending money to the school with the student each day. If you are interested in using EZPay, please visit: https://www.spsezpay.com/Dublin/ezpay/Login.aspx

Communication in Native Language

Bilingual Aides

Dublin City Schools hires bilingual aides to assist students and families with the transition into our schools. They are an invaluable aspect of our team and assist us in bridging the gap between school and community.

The bilingual aides can assist in the following ways:

  • Arranges and facilitates interpreting for parent-teacher communication

  • Provides translation between school and families, as needed

  • Provides interpreting for school personnel

If you have difficulty understanding English, you may, free of charge, request language assistance services for Dublin City Schools information by contacting the Office of Academics and Student Learning (614) 764-5913 or email us at: warburton_vicki@dublinschools.net


Martti is a phone interpreting system Dublin City Schools uses to make third-party phone calls to parents in languages other than English. Parents can also make calls to the schools using this system. Please request more information from the building(s) your child(ren) attend.

A Guide to Legal Resources

Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio

Offers an alternative to the court system by providing an impartial mediator who helps work out conflicts. They provide problem-solving services for domestic and family issues, divorce, neighborhood conflicts, tenant-landlord disputes, workplace issues and consumer rights disputes. Services are offered on a sliding fee scale.

Jefferson Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215 (614) 228-7191 www.communitymediation.com

Serving Our Neighbors (SON) Ministries

Provides many free services for children and adults in Columbus, including a free lunch summer camp, a free legal clinic, ESOL classes for adults, and referrals to health services and jobs. They also provide one-on-one homework help and tutoring to children whose parents attend the ESOL classes.

4653 Trueman Boulevard, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 (614) 586-7939 

Interfaith Legal Clinics

Local attorneys answer legal questions free of charge. 

Legal Aid Society of Columbus

Call toll-free for help with housing problems, domestic violence, child custody, divorce and many other legal issues. They provide services to people with a low income and can set up home visits for the sick or disabled. They now offer free legal reviews to all homeowners who have questions regarding their mortgages or those who may have fallen behind. They provide services in Franklin, Madison, Delaware, Marion, Morrow and Union Counties.

ا1108 City Park Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43206

(888) 246-4420 or (614) 241-20001 www.columbuslegalaid.org

Fairfield County Bar Association

Gives free legal advice to individuals who cannot afford an attorney. Services are provided on a first-come / first-served basis on the fourth Tuesday of each month in Lancaster.

131 North High Street, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 (740) 687-0500 www.fairfieldcountybar.org

Ohio State Legal Services Association

As a non-profit law firm, they oversee nine direct- service offices that provide representation to low- income Ohioans in 30 Ohio counties. Their informative website lists legal services throughout Ohio that are available.

Buttles Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215 (866) 529-6446 www.ohiolegalservices.org

Hands On Central Ohio

Hands On’s comprehensive information and referral service connects those in need with thousands of social service, government and community resources – to help find a solution to any need. Free and confidential, 2-1-1 is available throughout Franklin County 24 hours a day, seven days a week.195 North Grant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43215

2-1-1 or (614) 221-2255 www.handsoncentralohio.org

Vineyard Free Legal Clinic

Provides legal help to low-income individuals in matters of immigration, civil protection orders, landlord-tenant disputes (excluding evictions), and minor criminal matters. They do not handle divorce or custody issues. Call for clinic hours.

Cooper Road, Westerville, Ohio 43081 (614) 890-0000

Language Classes and Schools

Dublin City Schools Community Education - There are several options for students wanting to learn or enhance a language other than English. Currently, there are offerings in Chinese, French, and Spanish. To learn more, visit: https://www.dublinschools.net/currentcourses.aspx

Columbus Chinese Academy is a non-profit Chinese language and culture school located in Columbus, Ohio. This Chinese School offers Chinese classes to pre-k to 12th grade, Chinese Adult Conversation, and several CFL (Chinese as Foreign Language) classes. To learn more, visit: http://www.cmhcca.org/#!/

Columbus School of Chinese is an Ohio-based educational organization that offers distance, individual and classroom Mandarin language instruction, as well as business, educational and cultural consulting services. Our focus is developing speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for learners of all ages and levels. To learn more, visit: http://columbusschoolofchinese.com/

Ohio Contemporary Chinese School To learn more, visit: http://www.columbus-occs.org/#VeryTop

The Columbus Japanese Language School began with 14 elementary school children and 3 teachers in April of 1980. It was founded by a group of Japanese parents in central Ohio who were seeking ways to help their children maintain and expand Japanese language skills while their stay in the U.S. To learn more, visit: http://columbushoshuko.com/wordpress1/541-2/

Japan-America Society of Central Ohio (JASCO) offers weekly Japanese Language classes on a quarterly basis. Each course is a 10-week long and meets on a weekday evening. To learn more, visit: http://jas-co.org/JapaneseLanguageClass

The Korean-American Community School of Central Ohio (KACSCO) was established in 1977 in Columbus Ohio. For over 40 years, KACSCO has been dedicated to educating the Korean Language and Korean Culture to community members.

To learn more, visit: https://sites.google.com/site/columbuskoreanschool/about-us

The Ohio Chinese School has been formed in response to the growing interest in learning the Chinese language and culture, the rapidly expanding local Chinese community, and the general public in Central Ohio. They offer a wide range of Chinese language and culture courses for both heritage and non-heritage students. We will assist students at all levels with enrichment options, such as after school programs, SAT/ACT preparation, and group or individual tutoring in math and English. We will also create programs for adults who would like to contribute their talents in schools operation and service to the community. To learn more, visit: http://www.ohiochineseschool.org/Home/1e.html

The Ohio German Language School was established to teach the German language to children and adults in the United States and to foster the culture and customs of German speaking countries. http://www.ohiogermanlanguageschool.org/introduction.html

Quantum 51 offers a variety of language courses to adults as well as for children ages 5-17. They currently offer classes in Italian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Turkish, Chinese, and Urdu. https://www.quantum51.com/foreign-language-classes

Family Services

Asian American Community Center - is the premier non-profit community-based organization serving needs of all Asian Pacific Islanders in Central Ohio. Since 1976, AACS has led efforts to empower and develop the local Asian community through its expansive and proactive programs and services. http://www.aacsohio.org/

The Children’s Advocacy Project for Kids (CAP4Kids) helps families and school find out about free and low-cost community resources that exist to improve the lives of families. The website features after-school care, literacy resources, behavioral counseling, teen resources, and services for children with special needs. Handouts and information within the webpage can be translated into multiple languages. http://cap4kids.org/columbus/

Community Refugee and Immigration Service (CRIS) is an independent non-profit agency serving refugees, asylees, and immigrants in central Ohio. They help refugees and immigrants achieve successful integration into the central Ohio community. http://www.crisohio.org/

Dublin CAN is an organization that links people seeking help with those offering help in the Dublin City School District Community. Find information about: food assistance, youth services, utility assistance, recreation opportunities, support groups, counseling, ESOL, clothing assistance, health care resources, education services, older adult services, and much more! To learn more, visit: http://dublincan.org/

The Dublin Food Pantry is dedicated to providing for the needs of hungry people by collecting and distributing food and grocery products, educating the community about hunger, and collaborating with others who address basic human needs. http://www.dublinfoodpantry.org/home.html

The Ethiopian Tewahado Social Services (ETSS) assists immigrant and refugee families and low income individuals in Central Ohio through education, training, supportive services, and self-development opportunities. http://www.ethiotss.org/

Help My Neighbor

At Help My Neighbor we are an outreach organization dedicated to helping individuals and their families by providing food nourishment, personal care items to sustain them in personal crisis and economic down times. Our goal is to reach out with a hand of friendship with encouragement and healthy, necessary, and daily needed life sustaining items through the generosity and contributions from individuals and corporations as one neighbor helping another. The Food Pantry is open every Wednesday from 3-6 pm and Saturday from 7am-10am.

Smoky Row Brethren Church, 7260 Smoky Row Road, Columbus, OH 43235

Immigrant Integration works on helping improve the lives of immigrants through English Education. https://intercambio.org/product/the-immigrant-guide/

The Latino Empowerment Outreach Network as a network of individuals and organizations to empower and enrich the Latino community in the areas of health, education, advocacy, and communication. Network meetings: September-June, 8:45 a.m. – 10:15 a.m, first Thursday of every month. Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland, Columbus,Ohio, 1700 Watermark Drive (Take Grandview exit off of I-670W. Go straight through light). http://leongroup.org/who-we-are/

The mission of the Lau Resource Center at the Ohio Department of Education is to ensure equal access to high-quality learning experiences and standards for students with limited English proficiency in the state of Ohio. http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Other-Resources/English-Learners/Lau-Resource-Center

MY Project USA is a non-profit organization. It is the first and the only national initiative that is addressing the challenges facing the American Youth, especially in the immigrant and refugee communities from various Muslim countries. http://www.myprojectusa.org/

Neighborhood Bridges Dublin is about advocating for our children, our seniors, and neighbors identifying specific needs -- then filling those needs. To learn more, visit: https://www.dublinbridges.org/

The Ohio Hispanic Coalition works to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of all Latinos through advocacy, education, training and access to quality services. http://ohiohispaniccoalition.org/

Teaching Tolerance provides guidance for educators on how to handle undocumented students that are going through the stress/fear of deportation. https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/spring-2017/immigrant-and-refugee-children-a-guide-for-educators-and-school-support-staff

Turkish American Society of Ohio (TASO) is a non-profit organization founded in 2003 as Scioto Educational Foundation (SEF). TASO is dedicated to addressing the social and cultural needs of the Turkish American community living in Ohio. The doors of TASO are open to everyone and we welcome you with a warm smile; please come and enjoy the friendship and hospitality at TASO! To learn more, visit: http://tasocolumbus.org/?page_id=2

Welcome Warehouse provides support to Dublin City and School District residents who are struggling to meet basic needs because of job loss, underemployment, health crises, or other challenges. Welcome Warehouse works closely with Dublin City Schools, local churches and social service organizations that refer families for assistance. We help meet basic needs so families can thrive. http://www.welcomewarehouse.org/

Homework Help

Northwest Library

The Homework Help Center is comprised of dedicated volunteers and staff who provide general homework guidance and support to grades K – 12. Monday through Friday, 3 p.m.-6 p.m. 2280 Hard Road, Columbus, OH 43235 https://www.worthingtonlibraries.org/visit/locations/northwest-library/homework-help-center

Columbus Public Library

All Columbus Public Libraries offer homework help free of charge. Staff is available to support students and help them succeed in school. Dublin: 75 N High St, Dublin, OH 43017. Hours: Monday - Thursday, 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. / Friday, 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. http://www.columbuslibrary.org/hhc

Colorin Colorado

Colorin Colorado is a bilingual site to support educators and families of English Language Learners. They offer great tips and ideas for both families and educators. http://www.colorincolorado.org/

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that allows students to learn at their own pace. They offer math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. https://www.khanacademy.org/

English Classes

ABLE (Adult Basic and Literacy Education) offers free English classes for individuals age 18 and over who do not have an F1 VISA. They also provide an array of courses for adults through GED preparation, citizenship courses, employment success, college success, computer skills, as well as “Work Keys” preparation. http://www.eastland-fairfield.com/aspire.aspx

Asian American Community Center - offers English courses for beginner and intermediate levels. http://www.aacsohio.org/esl

Church of the Redeemer - offers free ESL classes every Tuesdays at 12 noon and Wednesdays, 700-9:00 pm. All levels are taught. Come at the time most convenient to you. If possible, please call in advance. https://redeemermoravian.org/ministries/esl/

Coffee and Conversation at Northwest United Methodist Church - Basic communication to practice English and to prepare for common life situations, like parent teacher conferences, going to the grocery store, and more. Classes are free and take place on Thursdays at 10:00 am through May.

5200 Riverside Drive, Columbus, 43220, (614) 451-2825

Columbus Literacy Council - was founded in 1970 to support immigrants with learning English. Today they offer many different classes to support individuals learning the English language. http://www.columbusliteracy.org/learn/our-programs/

Columbus Metropolitan Library (Dublin Branch) - Free English Class for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Students can register for orientation and class placement by calling Columbus Literacy Council or by visiting www.columbusliteracy.org

Dominican Learning Center - In 1994, the Dominican Sisters of St. Mary of the Springs established the center to respond to the growing literacy needs in Columbus, Ohio. Today they support individuals one-on-one to enhance reading skills, prepare for GED examinations, or learn English as a Second Language (ESL). http://domlearningcenter.org/

Dublin Baptist Church - ESL classes at Dublin Baptist Church are taught by volunteers who want to make the transition to living in Ohio fun and easy. http://dublinbaptist.com/ministries/esl/

Dublin CAN is an organization that links people seeking help with those offering help in the Dublin City School District Community. To find information about ESOL classes, visit: http://dublincan.org/directory/esolenglish-for-speakers-of-other-languages/

Dublin City Schools Community Education - Would you like to improve your English listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar in a relaxed, enjoyable class? This class is for beginners and intermediate level adult learners of English. You will learn English through themes such as health, shopping, housing, and food. https://www.dublinschools.net/communityeducation.aspx

First Alliance Church - American English language instruction for adults of all nations. Students are taught to understand and use American accented English. This is not a basic course. Students should have some knowledge or ability in English. There is no child care available, but there is a playroom close to the ESL room. Babies and preschool children are welcome if they do not disrupt the class. https://firstalliancecolumbus.org/ministries/esl/

ETSS assists immigrant and refugee families and low income individuals in Central Ohio through education, training, supportive services, and self-development opportunities. http://www.ethiotss.org/

JASCO - provides a series of ESL classes for Japanese speakers. There are two differenct classes: 1) “English for mothers” available to all levels of English, and 2) business English for beginning and intermediate speakers.


SON Ministries - The Family ESL Program is a full family educational program where each family member is taking steps out of poverty through education! Children (3 months-7th grade) receive early literacy elements, 3rd grade reading support, academic support and recreational programming. Parents and grandparents study in ESL (English as a Second Language) classes. Job readiness is also provided. http://son-ministries.org/

Vineyard Community Center - collaborates with Delaware ABLE to provide ESOL classes for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Come and improve your English speaking, writing, reading and listening skills. Classes are FREE and meet throughout the week. Students must attend an orientation prior to starting. http://ww2.vineyardcommunitycenter.org/default.aspx?page=3542&id=jnkpqri8

English for College Credit:

Columbus State Community College - this is a university program that is well-known for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) http://www.cscc.edu/admissions/placement-testing/ESL-placement.shtml

CSCC Language Institute - helps individuals, companies, and groups learn to communicate in a foreign language or strengthen their skills in spoken and written English as a Second Language http://www.cscc.edu/community/language-institute/

CSCC Resource page - offers sites you may want to use to practice English at home http://library.cscc.edu/c.php?g=126656&p=827969

The Ohio State University - offers university programs and lists several resources https://oia.osu.edu/int-scholars-life-at-ohio-state/spouses-and-families/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2573

The City of Dublin

The City of Dublin would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family as you make your new home here in Dublin. The City is committed to transparency in government and there are many ways you can become engaged and stay informed. Browse our website for more information on City services, an introduction to City leadership and a calendar of events.


School Culture in the U.S.

Below is general information regarding school traits and values, which will help build understanding for expectations in U.S. schools.


In U.S. schools, being on time for school and having good attendance is valued and expected. It is important that students attend each day to get the most out of their education. When a student misses a school day, the parent has to call the school to let them know of the absence. When the student returns to school, they must also bring a note signed by the parent explaining the absence.

Attention to Time

If you would like to speak with a teacher or principal at the school about your child, it is important to call ahead and make an appointment. Teachers and principals are happy to meet with parents/guardians but they cannot be pulled away from the children to do so. When making an appointment with someone in the school, it is important to be on time.


Collaboration is a very strong cultural value in U.S. schools. Classrooms are centered around the students and you will see many students working together in groups. All students are expected to participate in group projects and to do their equal share of the work.

Directness and Openness

Students are encouraged to say exactly what they think during class discussions. In some cultures it may be considered rude to disagree or question a teacher. However, teachers encourage students to think, ask, and state their opinions in respectful ways.


Students handbooks outline the expectations for behavior in each school. If a student breaks a rule in the student handbook, the parent will be notified and discipline such as detention, suspension, or expulsion could result.

To view the student handbooks, visit: http://www.dublinschools.net/StudentHandbooks.aspx


Newcomers to the U.S. are often shocked by the informality of Americans. People dress very casually at school. To view the dress-code, please refer to the student handbooks: http://www.dublinschools.net/StudentHandbooks.aspx


Independence is a very strong cultural value in U.S. schools and households. Teachers and parents believe teaching their child independence is an important part of their upbringing and is a positive thing.


In the schools, it is expected that the students practice self-sufficiency. If students need to use the restroom, or need a supply to complete school work, they will need to ask the teacher. It will rarely be assumed that a student needs help if they don’t ask for it.


U.S. schools encourage parent participation at school events or activities. Teachers and principals value discussing the academic progress of the student with the parents at parent teacher conferences. U.S. schools believe that students receive a better education when school staff and parents work together to educate the children.

Dealing with Culture Shock


Understanding the cultural adjustment process can help you cope with the often intense feelings that you may experience as you begin your life in the U.S. Each stage in the process is characterized by “symptoms” or outward signs typifying certain kinds of behavior.

  1. “Honeymoon” period: Initially, many people are fascinated and excited by everything new. The visitor is elated to be in a new culture.

  2. “Culture Shock:” The individual is immersed in new problems: housing, transportation, shopping, and language. Mental fatigue results from continuous straining to comprehend the new language.

  3. Initial Adjustment: Everyday activities such as housing and shopping are no longer major problems. Although the visitor may not yet be fluent in the language spoken, basic ideas and feelings in the second language can be expressed.

  4. Mental Isolation: Individuals have been away from their family and friends for a long period of time and may feel lonely. Many still feel they cannot express themselves as well as they can in their native language. Frustration and sometimes a loss of self-confidence result.

  5. Acceptance and Integration: A routine (e.g., work, business, or school) has been established. The visitor has accepted the habits, customs, foods, and characteristics of the people in the new culture. The visitor feels comfortable with friends, associates, and the language of the country.

Note: This cycle may repeat itself throughout your stay in a new culture, and these feelings are normal. Note also that upon returning home, you may experience some of these same feelings as you did when you first arrived in the new culture. This is called “reverse culture shock.”

Some tips to help you deal with culture shock

  • Go out: Don’t sit in your apartment or the library every day. Find some campus activities that sound interesting to you. By getting out and into social settings, you will begin to become more comfortable with new customs.

  • Get exercise: Exercise has been shown to reduce stress and fight depression. Take a walk downtown or join an intramural sports team. Find some fellow students who want to get active, and schedule a regular activity.

  • Make friends: Make an effort to become friends with both Americans and other international students. The international students will be able to relate to your feelings and may be able to offer advice and support. American friends can answer general questions you have about life in the U.S. By making new friends, you will reduce feelings of loneliness and will begin to form bonds with your new surroundings.

  • Learn about the new culture: Resist the urge to judge behaviors or practices that are different from your own as being “bad” or “unintelligent.” Instead, try to learn the reason behind the behavior. While you may not agree with the practice, you will have a better understanding of how to respond when faced with it.

  • Seek assistance: If you find that you cannot seem to adjust to the new culture, make an appointment to speak with one of the staff in International Programs. If you find that you are very depressed, make an appointment with the Counseling Center. In both cases, your meeting will be completely confidential.

  • Be patient: Most people require several weeks or more to feel comfortable in a new culture. Give yourself time to adjust. Focus on the positive experiences, and try to view negative experiences as learning opportunities.

Glossary of Common Terms

English Glossary