Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup is a method of applying pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. We Use the SofTap method which is tatooing by hand. This technique has been medically developed and designed for safe, permanent application. Permanent makeup is used for a variety of enhancements such as defining eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip color. Permanent makeup can also be used to treat scars and to re-pigment areola after surgery.

SofTap® Permanent Cosmetics is the easiest and gentlest way to implant permanent color into the skin. The SofTap® needle configurations are designed to provide maximum comfort, fast healing, complete control, little or no touchups, and most important of all, the most natural look in the world

We will gently place your needle assembly on the skin in the place where pigment is desired. The needles are then scooted forward slightly until you feel them catch into the skin. The needle assembly is then gently lifted off of the skin, depositing color into the skin where the needles originally made contact.

The gallery below features the results our permanent makeup clients have achieved.

Permanent Makeup

Q: Does the Hand Method hurt?

A: SofTap® is the gentlest method you will find for implanting permanent color into the skin. The sensation is said to be similar to tweezing. Topical anesthetic is required for lip and eyeliner procedures.

Q: Does Permanent Makeup look natural?

A: Yes, with the SofTap® method, you can have natural looking makeup, 24/7. It is easy to avoid harsh, dark, and unnatural permanent makeup with the SofTap® hand method.

Q: I use a machine method to implant permanent color. Can I still learn the SofTap® hand method?

A: Yes, the hand method is a great option and a useful skill for all permanent cosmetic professionals! Some may find the hand method more comfortable for certain procedures (such as eyeliner or hair stroke eyebrows) or days where access to a machine is difficult.

Q: I use a machine method to implant permanent color. Can I still use SofTap® colors?

A: Yes, our colors are compatible with all permanent makeup machines.

Q: Can the hand method implant color as deep as a machine?

A: Yes! A common misconception is that the hand method cannot implant color as deeply, but in fact we can go just as deep as any other method. The hand method is used to go even deeper than machines in correction procedures where machine implanted ink needs to be adjusted.