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  • What is your Student ID and your Email Address?

Your Student ID is the first three letters of your last name plus a four digit number. This is provided to you by your teacher. Your Email Address is your StudentID@dsc.vic.edu.au.

  • I have forgotten my school password

If you have forgotten your school password, I.T can reset it for you.

  • What are the requirements for my BYOD Device?

As long as the device can run the latest Windows, Apple or Tablet Operating System, it will be supported within the school.

  • Can I connect to the school WiFi on a device that I have from home?

Yes, you can connect any device that you have at home onto the school's WiFi. Just select "Dromana College" and enter in your Student Email address and School password. If you need internet access on the device, please see the technicians and they will enable access for you.

  • Can phones be connected to the School WiFi?

No, Phones are not supported on the School's WiFi.