A.N. Myer Points

Points Programme

All students are eligible to work toward achieving points by participating in the many activities Myer has to offer. Points toward a school letter, pin or plaque are awarded for co-instructional and extra-curricular activities. Points are also awarded for academic achievement.

Achieving a Myer letter, pin, plaque

In order to achieve a LETTER: students must accumulate 50 POINTS

In order to achieve a PIN: students must accumulate 75 POINTS

In order to receive a PLAQUE: students must accumulate 95 POINTS.


Students must complete a Points Passport each year before points may be awarded. It is a student responsibility to be thorough and to check for accuracy. Students may pick up passport pages in Guidance at any time. It can also be accessed at the following link: Points Passport pg.2 and Points Passport pg.1

Activity Points

Points may be awarded for participation in any Myer clubs, activities and events. For specific examples, refer to the Student Planner. Remember that activities are scheduled subject to the availability of approved coaches and staff advisors. All points are awarded at the discretion of the staff advisor/coach.

Academic Points

Points are awarded for scholastic achievement as follows:

AN overall average of 80% and above: 10 points

An overalll average of 70-79%: 5 points

Academic points are awarded to a maximum of 30 points.

Important: In order to ensure that points are awarded accurately, ideally students will submit their passports by April 30th each year.