2017-2018 School Year

All Music Courses are being run through the GoogleClassroom this year. This allows students (and interested parents) in being fully up to date with the latest announcements, assignments and events. Please click on your course, listed below, to access your GoogleClassroom. Please ensure you are logged in with your DSBN account. This is your account. Please do not use personal accounts. Click on the course code to access the classroom.

These links will not work until you have joined the class. If you try to access the classroom using the link below and it does not work, please check to see you are logged in to your DSBN account. If you are, and it is still not working, let me know by emailing me at

Grade 9 Beginner Instrumental Music: AMI1OB-01 (S1, P4) (Code: k338gi)

Grade 9 Advanced/10 Instrumental Music: AMI1OA/2O1-01 (S2, P2) (Code: 8plmmr)

Grade 11/12 Instrumental Music: AMI3M/4M1-01 (S1, P1) (Code: i0qy7eu)

Grade 10-12 Rep: AMR2O/3M/4M1-01 (All year, Mondays, P5 - 2:20 - 5:00pm) (Code: cxib1qp)

Grade 9-12 Vocal Music: AMV1O/2O/3M/4M1-01 (S2, P4) (Code: l0b6acd)

Grade 10/11 Guitar: AMG2O/3M1-01 (S2, P3) (Code: coming soon)