St. Patrick's Theatre Arts

We are excited to announce that the

Theatre Arts Program

will be back at St. Patrick's this year!




First Come, First Served.

Due to the COVID restrictions pertaining to after-school activities, we are able to offer remote classes this year. Although we were hoping to be back with the students on stage, we feel confident that we have put together a variety of options that will satisfy many different student interests.

Due to the set-up of Zoom classes, we are only able to offer 12 spots per class. Space is limited. Registration will be on a first come, first served basis.

Virtual Performance Class (Grades 4-5, 6-8)

This year our actors will get the opportunity to perform in TWO virtual performances. During the first semester of the year we will focus on radio plays and short scenes for the Christmas season. Actors will learn about the days of old radio shows as we explore sound effects, musical underscoring, and the art of telling a story. All students will rehearse and perform virtually a collection of holiday vignettes which will be presented on St. Patrick's social media pages during the Christmas season. All students will be featured in this non musical presentation.

The second part of the year, students will continue to work on their skills by learning the basic rules of acting for the stage as well as the screen. They will learn warm ups, improvisations, singing, simple choreography and rehearse and perform in our virtual spring musical. Every student will be featured in our Zoomsical which will be presented to a live virtual audience and will also be recorded for further viewings.

(24) 1 hour zoom classes


Aesop's Fables Performance Class (Grades 2-3)

Kids will have lots of fun in this virtual class designed just for beginners!

Students will learn creative warm ups, silly tongue twisters, improvisation games, singing, and simple choreography as we rehearse and later perform a virtual Spring musical.

Every student will be featured in our Zoomsical which will be presented to a live virtual audience and will also be recorded for further viewings.

(24) 1 hour zoom classes



Students will take the lead as they learn together to write a one act play. While learning the basic rules about playwriting and structure, students will brainstorm characters and dialogue as we write a play together based upon well known fairy tales or stories. Students will get to write, cast, and rehearse their own one act play and perform it for a live virtual audience.

(10) 1 hour zoom classes


IMPROV! (Grades 2-3, 4-5, 6-8)

Actors will get to stretch their funny bone in this virtual class totally dedicated to theater games and having fun! Kids will be encouraged to use their imagination and think on their feet as they act out their wildest dreams. Students will interact virtually as we play theater games, learn warm ups, and work with comedy props.

(10) 1 hour zoom classes


*Enrollment in all classes is 12 children. An overflow class will be added as interest allows. All classes are contingent upon sufficient enrollment.

(Grades 2-3) Monday @ 3:15 - IMPROV!

(Grades 2-3) Thursday @ 3:15 - Aesop's Fables Performance Class

(Grades 4-5) Monday @ 4:20 - IMPROV!

(Grades 4-5) Tuesday @ 3:15 - Virtual Performance Class

(Grades 4-5) Wednesday @ 4:20 - Playwriting & Performance

(Grades 6-8) Tuesday @ 4:20 - IMPROV!

(Grades 6-8) Wednesday @ 3:15 - Virtual Performance Class

(Grades 6-8) Thursday @ 4:20 - Playwriting & Performance

Anne Marie Marcantonio - Program Coordinator / Musical Director

Janine Haire - Director / Production Designer / Choreographer