Lenten Messge from Msgr. Camp and Sr. Maureen

Dear School Parents,

Our Lenten journey has begun! The students in all grades will be receiving Ashes on Ash Wednesday. They will be asked to make Lenten promises to help them grow and develop in their relationship to God, their family and friends. Please encourage your child during this time, the best way is through your example.

The first Sunday of Lent is always one of the Gospels about the Temptation of the Lord. The Gospel of St. Mark is very direct in describing the events that took place after the Lord's 40-day experience in the dessert.

The Temptations are essentially the same as those we face in our everyday life; wealth, power and popularity. The evil one wanted Our Lord to trade Himself away to receive what he was offering. The offer is rejected and the Lord follows the will of the Father. We face the same challenges but also have the ability to reject the temptation to trade ourselves away.

The Scripture Readings today are all about challenge, change and growth. As the Lord was tested in the Gospel today we see that the Israelites were tested by the 40 years in the desert before entering into the Promised Land. Noah was tested by the Great Flood that lasted 40 days. The Lord under the protection of the angels triumphed and proved his readiness for His earthly mission.

The number 40 appears often in the Scriptures, usually signifying a test that has been given and passed. We now enter the 40 days of Lent, we can challenge ourselves to embrace the tests that we are facing, transforming them - and ourselves - as we journey to Easter.

Please remember in our sacrifices, penances and acts of charity, we must pray to carry them through, our relationships, and ourselves everyday of Lent. Once we begin to think we can do it on our own or it is easy then we are bound to fall to our own temptations.

As a School Community we will continue to be going to Mass throughout the Season of Lent. We will also be taking the time to follow the Lord by praying the Stations of the Cross. Also, please remember that Ash Wednesday and all the Fridays of Lent are meatless days at St. Patrick's School no matter the age of your child. It's a good practice for them to get into and to remind ourselves about the days of abstinence during this Sacred Season.

My Prayerful Wishes to each and everyone during Lent.

Rev. Msgr. Steven R. Camp, Pastor

Sr. Maureen, RSM, Principal