New Families

Registration Pages

Registration Checklist

Family Name ______________________________________________

In order to register your child, have the completed paperwork and non-refundable registration fee on the day of registration. Your registration will not be accepted or processed if you do not have all the necessary completed paperwork.

_____ $110.00 Registration Fee (Non Refundable)

_____ Registration Form (website)

_____ Nursery 2 Year Old Form (website)

_____ Preference Form for 3 Year Olds (website)

_____ Health Forms

Survey (website)

Physical Exam (website)

Dental (website)

_____ Volunteer Form (website)

_____ Screening Consent and Disclosure Form (website)

_____ Volunteer Code of Conduct (website)

_____ Verification of District Residency to Request Textbooks Form (All Districts) (website)

_____ Internet Permission Form (website)

_____ Transcript Release Form Grades 1-8 (website)

_____ Birth Certificate (Copy)

_____ Baptismal Certificate (Copy)

_____ Immunization Form Signed By Doctor

_____ Envelope Number

_____ Parish Registration Form (website) (if you do not receive an envelope from Church of St. Patrick, you

must submit a Parish Registration Form with your registration materials)

_____ Standardized Testing Grades 1-8

_____ Report Card Grades 1-8

Parent Signature _____________________________________________________