New Families

Registration Pages

Registration Checklist

Family Name ______________________________________________

In order to register your child, have the completed paperwork and non-refundable registration fee on the day of registration. Your registration will not be accepted or processed if you do not have all the necessary completed paperwork.

Registration Check List (Printable)

All underlined items are a link to the printable document

___ $110 Registration Fee (Non Refundable)

___ Registration Form (click to print)

___ Form for Two-Year-Old (click to print)

___ Preference Form for Three-Year-Old (click to print)

___ Health Forms

___ Survey (click to print)

___ Physical Exam (click to print)

___ Dental (click to print)

___ Volunteer Service Request Form (click to print)

___ Screening Consent and Disclosure Form (click to print)

___ Volunteer Code of Conduct (click to print)

___ Verification Request Textbook Form (click to print)

___ Transcript Release Form Grades 1-8 (click to print)

___ Student Technology Use and Behavior Policy (click to print)

___ Student Ipad/Chromebook Use and Behavior Policy (click to print)

___ Photo Release Form (click to print)

___ Birth Certificate (copy)

___ Baptismal Certificate (copy)

___ Immunization From Signed by Doctor

___ Envelope Number

___ Standardized Testing Grades 1-8

___ Report Card Grades 1-8

___ Parish Registration Form (Click to fill out online) (if you do not receive and envelope from Church of St. Patrick you must submit