What are we learning in K-1?

We are learning! We are continuing to learn how to be an active participant in the classroom while following directions, being kind and having fun!

We will be focusing on social skills, fine motor skills, being a good friend and classmate, and learning as best we can! Small and Whole Group learning is an important part of our day in kindergarten.

We will be doing literacy & math center work which will motivate learning and encourage cooperation.

ELA~ Letters (identification, writing, sound), rhyming, syllables, beginning sounds

Listening & Learning Strand: We will begin learning about the Native Americans and the Pilgrims

Math~ Numbers 1-10 (identification, writing), counting, sorting

Math--> Common Core Module 1: count, order, answer "how many?", compare using words 'same, similar, exactly the same', hidden partners (example: there is a group of 4 triangles, 3 are colored in & 1 is not; the hidden partners are 3 and 1), more/less

Religion~ God loves me!, God made the world and everything in it, 7 days of creation, I am a gift from God

*Fall is a beautiful gift from God

~ Meet with the seminarian to learn about God's gifts (sky, land, water, animals, nature)

Seasonal~ We will learn all about apples and Fall!! We will learn about pumpkins and things that happen in the Fall.

Other (just as important!): Holding a pencil and crayon correctly, right & left, colors, writing first name with uppercase letter

*Please go over upper/lowercase letters and their sounds at home as part of your homework routine!

Sight words: I am the little