What's happening for the week of March 18th

Module 3a Unit 1

In this unit, students begin reading a classic piece of literature to build their understanding of how writers craft stories that capture a reader’s imagination. Students will begin their study of Peter Pan by exploring how readers hold on to a narrative over time when reading chapter books.

Math: Module 5 Topic A opens Module 5 with students actively partitioning different models of wholes into equal parts (e.g., concrete models, fraction strips, and drawn pictorial area models on paper). They identify and count equal parts as 1 half, 1 fourth, 1 third, 1 sixth, and 1 eighth in unit form before an introduction to the unit fraction

Religion Ch. 17-We worship at Mass

Grammar- Possessive Pronouns

Science chapter 6 Weather Patterns

  • Seasonal weather patterns
  • factors that affect climate
  • measuring weather