What's happening for the week of September 17th

  • In ELA the children will begin Module 1, Unit 1

We are beginning our first module in ELA. The children will learn how people around the world access books and how the physical characteristics of a region strongly influence the cultures and lifestyle of the people who live there. Together, we will take a virtual tour using Google Earth. We will read, Armando and the Big Blue Tarp. Armando's family lives off things they can use, recycle, and sell from the city trash dump. One summer Senor David arrives and begins teaching school on a blue tarp spread out on the ground. Armando wants to learn, but his family needs him to work. Armando' s parents finally decide that learning may help him find different work when he grows up. He begins attending the blue tarp school. The children learn to read and write in Spanish and English. The story is inspired by the work of David Lynch, a teacher from New York who first began working in colonia in Mexico, in early 1980"s.


We are working on Math Module 1. The following lessons will be taught:

  1. Multiplication and the meaning of the factors
  2. Division as an unknown factor problem
  3. Multiplication using units 2 and 3
  4. Division using units 2 and 3
  5. Multiplication and division using units of 4
  6. Distributive property and problem solving using units of 2-5 and 10

Objectives for the Week of 9/16

Math- Module 1- Model the distributive property with arrays to decompose units

Religion- Chapter 24- The Church is worldwide

Ela- Module 1, Lesson 6- Read Armando and The Big Blue Tarp- Answer specific questions about details from the text

Grammar- Command and Exclamation

Phonics- Final consonant- Hard and Soft C

Spelling- Unit 2- Read, identify, spelling patterns and write words with short "o" and short "e"

Social Studies- Chapter 1- Our Community- Identify the types of characteristics that comprise a community or region