Lunch Duty Program


LUNCH DUTY SIGN IN -Beginning Oct. 16th

If you fail to sign in for lunch duty you WILL BE CHARGED. It is imperative for the safety of the children that lunch duty spots are filled. If you have someone filling in for you they must sign in for YOU, and PLEASE PRINT THE NAME.

The two options available to fulfill this requirement are described below. Please indicate your choice, fill in the necessary information, and return the form below, together with payment if applicable, to the School Office, 360 Main Street Huntington NY 11743 or backpack by July 14th.

OPTION ONE: To supervise my child’s class during lunchtime per the schedule to be provided to me by the school.

*This commitment requires one 20 minutes lunch duty per child per month.

Lunch Duty Times are: 10:49- 11:09 (2nd &3rd), 11:09-11:29 (Pre-K, K&1st), 11:30-11:50 (4th & 5th), 11:50-12:10 (6, 7&8).

OPTION TWO: A working parent, can pay for a lunch duty substitute.

By sending the form below and a check, made payable to St. Patrick School, as per the following schedule:

1 child $ 95.00

2 children $119.50

3 children $144.00

4 children $168.50

5 children $194.00

PLEASE NOTE: In order to enable a lunch duty parent to find a replacement should a conflict arise, we would like to publish each student’s telephone number with the class list which we will distribute in September. However, if you DO NOT wish to have your phone number published on the class list for your child in September, please be sure the indicate that on the form below when you send in your lunch duty preference.