Cultural Arts

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The Cultural Arts Program is a volunteer in-school enrichment program open to parents/relatives of children in grades K-6. Cultural Art lessons are scheduled on a monthly basis by class and should run approx. 45 minutes long. Volunteers should select an age appropriate topic and introduce it to the class in the form of a discussion and/ or craft /activity. The volunteer can be on their own or with a partner(s). All materials for the lesson are supplied by the volunteer. All of the volunteers must have completed VIRTUS training before their scheduled time. It is also suggested that you run the topic past your child’s teacher prior to the session.

This site contains a list of Cultural Art topics that have been presented in the past. This listing is here to assist anyone who is having difficulty coming up with an idea. While the ideas have been categorized by topic and then by suggested age group, any lesson can be scaled back or enhanced to meet a specific age. Please keep in mind though, new and fresh ideas are always a treat, so be creative!!!

We would like to keep this list exciting and new so if you have successfully presented a Cultural Art lesson and would like to share it with others please contact the Cultural Arts Coordinators Michelle Lumia at or Liz Fitzpatrick at

Now have fun and enjoy the time with your children and their classmates!