Spring eLearning Collection

Here's a collection of training videos that may come in handy this term ranging from how to change your password to how to freshen up your Google Drive. Remember that there is a growing collection of self-study material covering most areas of IT use on DRET.tv in the Training Channel.

How to Change Your Password.mp4

How To Change Your Password

Not that exciting - but new term, new password!

Especially useful now that (if you change your password) you can use the same one for the eLibrary as everywhere else - change your password then head to books.dret.cloud.

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Creating Newsletters with Sway.mp4

How to Make a Newsletter in Sway

Sway is brilliant for making simple interactive web pages that look good on everything from a smartphone to a computer - and you can convert that Word or Powerpoint files in a couple of minutes - ideal for a quick newsletter to send out as a weblink.

Snipping tool


Many is the time we want to get that image on your screen from place A to place B - this video shows a simple method which can be useful every day.

Annotating pages from ebooks

Clipping from eBooks

One common use for snipping is taking a small piece from an eBook to use in a presentation of some kind - this video shows several different methods to achieve that.

Got an idea for an IT project but need funding - the best approach in the coming year is to attend the summer eLearning conference where you'll be able to find out how and get together with colleagues from other academies to produce bids in partnerships.

Funky and fresh Google Drive

Funky, Fresh Google Drive

You may want to make your Google Drive look a little more fresh to impress, or you may have a purpose to adding colour and emoji - either way this guide will show you how.

Google Forms.mp4

Making Google Forms

There are so many times we want to collect information easily using a web form - and it is simple to make your own - here is a handy starter guide.

Ideas and stories about using IT effectively are on our blog, updated several times a week - mouse over to www.starclassroom.co.uk

Choose your own adventure stories

Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

You can use Google Forms for more than surveys - here is a guide to using it to make a Build Your Own Adventure - an excellent way to have students engage more deeply with their writing.

Revision Guides

With exam season coming up now is a good time to check out the range of revision guides available on the eLibrary free for staff and students - find out how to access it here.

Awards - finding out about them and applying.mp4

Find Out About Awards

We're launching a range of eLearning Awards for staff this term to recognise their IT smarts - find out more at awards.dret.cloud

This video explains how to use the site and when you believe you have shown the necessary skills, how to claim your award!

Awards How to Accept and Share an Award.mov

Getting and Sharing Awards

Of course once you've earned an award you want to share it - this video shows you how to use a service called Badgr to do just that.

Creating and Storing OneNote Notebooks.mp4

OneNote Notebooks

OneNote is an incredibly powerful tool for taking notes, pulling together many things into a scrapbook and sharing all that information with a colleague or a class. Some people have found working out where the notebooks are (in the cloud? on my computer?) confusing so here is a quick guide.

w10 touch keyboard.mp4

The Windows 10 Touchscreen Keyboard

If you have access to Windows 10, this guide reveals a few tips and tricks for making the most of it.

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