Inquiry Projects 2017-18

We will be announcing opportunities for academies to establish projects to develop the use of IT to support learning at the conference - this page will hold the briefing information on the day, and be the place to go to follow up later with bids.

The questions we are looking to develop into projects are as follows:

  • How can we ensure every student is able to access what they saw in the lesson, away from the lesson?
  • How can we ensure teachers can share real examples of work with their class, live or online, (and annotate) to accelerate progress?
  • How can we best create and share videos with our classes and each other?
  • To what extent is it practical or useful for all homework set to be available online?
  • How best can we ensure that children learn to be active users of technology not passive consumers?
  • What impact can we have by offering access to a huge lending library of eBooks on the web or our own devices?
  • How can we develop a library of good support videos to help students study and revise?
  • How best can we develop a professional social network to let our staff share ideas and resources easily?
  • How well can we ensure teachers share their best resources so that collectively we can find, reuse, modify them in our own planning?
  • In what ways can we ensure parents can work better with us because we keep them better informed using technology?
Inquiry Projects