CNA Program

Are you thinking about or planning to take the CNA course? Follow the steps below!

Please complete the following steps in the order listed. It can take several weeks to complete the process and get accepted to the program. Once you are accepted you can register, but not before that.

  1. Fill out the Start College Now (SCN) application - Start College Now CNA Application
  2. Return the SCN application to your school counselor
    • DEADLINES - October 1 for spring classes and March 1 for fall classes. NO late SCN applications will be accepted.
  3. School Counselors will present the SCN applications to the school board for approval at the October and March school board meetings.
  4. Once you are approved by the school board, the school counselors will forward your school approved SCN applications as well as your transcripts onto Southwest Technical College.
    • SWTC will contact you via the email or mailing address you provided on the application about next steps.
  5. Apply online - and pay a $12 Background Disclosure Fee.
  6. When they receive your application, you will be sent a confirmation email.
    • Please note: the date you select on your application is only a preference. You aren't guaranteed a seat in the class of your preference until you have registered for it.
  7. Activate your MySWTC account.
  8. Within 1 week of applying you will receive a letter and an email. Once you receive that, activate your MySWTC. Go to MySWTC and click “New Student”. Write down your Southwest Tech username and password.
  9. Log in to your MySWTC and complete requirements listed in "My Documents".
  10. The requirements include:
    • Functional Ability Form
    • Background Information Disclosure Form
    • Immunizations--TB Skin Testing, Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella (Print forms as needed.)
    • Physical Exam (Print and have your doctor complete.)
  11. Register for the class you want. See School Counselor for billing code.
  12. After you have all green check marks next to your requirements, you are accepted to the program. Within 7-10 business days, you will receive your Acceptance Letter. Once you receive that, follow the instructions and go to the link on the letter to register for the course you want to take.
  13. Total Course Hours (lecture, lab, and clinical) = 120 Hours The Nursing Assistant course is regulated by the Department of Health Services - including course content and number of hours. Attendance is mandatory to ensure compliance with the State of Wisconsin requirements for Nursing Assistant training. Students are required to attend ALL 120 hours without exception to complete the course.
  14. Materials needed before the first day of class (available at Southwest Tech Bookstore)
    • Mosby’s Textbook for Nursing Assistants, 9th edition and 120-Hour Nursing Assistant Basic Student Learning Packet
    • #2 pencil for exams, small note pad, highlighter
    • Watch with a second hand
    • White nonskid shoes. No open toe shoes
    • Scrubs: 2 sets preferred, any color or print (scrubs are needed for clinical only; street clothes are approved attire for classroom and lab portions)​

**Important Note: Chromebooks should not be used with this course

Chromebooks are not compatible with some testing features within Schoology (our Learning Management System). Southwest Tech recommends not to use Chromebooks for classes.