Juniors Should Plan to...


In February, we’re awarding 875 scholarships to students totaling $1.8 million! We’re excited for the Complete Your Journey scholarship drawing when 25 students will be awarded $40,000 each for completing all six steps of the program.

For the Class of 2021

Encourage your juniors to opt in to the program. We’ve created many ready-to-use resources for implementation and outreach! The following scholarships are currently open for the class of 2021:

Build Your College List—100 students can earn a chance at $500 for building a college list with six or more colleges on our college planning site, BigFuture™. This scholarship is open until July 2020.

Practice for the SAT®—150 students can earn a chance at $1,000 for practicing for six hours on Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy®. Students can earn an entry for each additional hour of practice up to a total of 20 hours. This scholarship is open until October 2020.