F – Family Communication

A – Advanced Placement

L – Learning & Instruction

C – Community Support

O – Online Research

  • NC Wise Owl - a collection of databases for high school (and other) students. You will need to email Ms. Stacy for the password if you do not already have it.

  • NC Live - a collection of databases for high school and college students, and public library users. DPS students can access these using their student ID number (PowerSchool number) and by choosing 'Durham Public Library' when asked for an institution.

  • Our school librarians, Ms. Montgomery and Ms. Stacy will be happy to provide research assistance. Feel free to email them!

N – News from the District

S – Self-Care

  • In the event of an emotional or mental health concern please use the following community resources, Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (Grades 6-12), Carolina Outreach Behavioral Health Urgent Care (919-251-9009) or Freedom House Mobile Crisis Services (866-275-9552). If you are experiencing an immediate medical need, please call 911.

  • Co-Located Mental Health - Students who are currently receiving services from one of six DPS Co-Located Mental Health providers will continue receiving services through teleconferencing.

  • Say Something Anonymous Reporting System - DPS students currently in grades 6-12 can continue to use the Say Something Anonymous Reporting system to report students in crisis or needing emotional support.

  • Carolina Outreach Behavioral Health Urgent Care is a community based resource that provides immediate mental health needs, including medication bridges, safety assessments, and crisis counseling as well as making thoughtful connections to ongoing services to assure continuity of care. They can be reached at 919-251-9009.

  • Freedom House Recovery Center: Mobile Crisis Services 24/7 - A mobile crisis team can come to students and staff homes or other locations and guide them safely through a mental health or substance abuse crisis. The mobile crisis dispatch can be reached at 1-866-275-9552. If an emergency please contact 911.

  • Self Care Strategies from Jordan's school counselors

Additional Online Resources for At-Home Instruction