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Important Upcoming Dates

October 31st- Halloween All-School Parade and Classroom Parties

Upcoming Birthdays!

October, November, and December Birthdays:

  • Ms. Hagon's Class:

Sebastian Moraga Varela- 10/06

Wayne Perkins- 10/09

Ms. Hagon- 10/26

Miya McMinn- 11/02

Chris Ramirez-Salgado- 11/03

Anderson Pape- 11/11

Analysia Galindo- 11/15

Brooklyn Le- 11/19

Hayoung Ryu- 12/14

  • Mrs. Matt's Class:

Brayden Clark- 10/01

Durjahya Desir- 10/20

Adrianna Vasquez Salazar- 10/27

Salma Zouiten- 11/22

Joseph Brady- 12/13

Mariah Arellano- 12/24

Birthday Policy at Southmoor

In order to support nutritious habits and maintain as much school time as possible for academics, class birthdays will be celebrated once a month at the end of the month in the homeroom class of the student. So, for example, if a student's birthday is August 8th, they will be allowed to bring a treat for their classmates and celebrate their birthday along with all other August birthdays at the end of the month. Birthday celebration days are noted on the Southmoor calendar and newsletters.