Beginning Orchestra - Similar to Beginning Band, the Beginning Orchestra is open to all students in grades 6-8 who have an interest in learning a stringed instrument for the first time. Students can choose from violin, viola, cello and bass. Beginning scorpion string students will learn the fundamentals of playing their instrument, reading and writing music, improvising and composing. Students will explore repertoire by classical and contemporary composers.

Chamber Orchestra - The string orchestra is for any student who has already played a stringed instrument for at least one year. This class is for students who have developed the basic fundamentals of string playing, who wish to advance their music literacy, performance, and composition skills. Students will perform at formal concerts, while also having the opportunity to perform in small chamber groups at various events in our Northwest Denver community. Musicians will continue to explore music from a variety of genres while also learning more about the history and context of orchestra music.

*All band and orchestra classes are a year long. Students interested in jazz band must also be enrolled in another music course.

Concert Dress:

Ladies: White Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants or appropriate length skirt, Black Dress Shoes

Gentlemen: White Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Black Dress Shoes

Black, green or yellow ties are welcome (school colors). No jeans please!