Leadership Students

On this page, you can find everyone who is part of the Leadership Class. Please reach out to any of these representatives if you have suggestions or questions about any Leadership projects. For larger concerns, talk to a trusted adult working at the school.

8th Grade:

  • Ryan S.
  • Alex R
  • Sophia D Maria
  • Nabila H.
  • Emilio C.
  • Kaleb F.
  • William K
  • Roman R.
  • Sofia Diaz
  • Thu N.
  • Preston S.
  • Gabi I.
  • Immanuel J.
  • Emma R.
  • Isaiah P.
  • Rocio S.
  • Lia D.

7th Grade:

  • Kobe B.
  • Kamber P.
  • Celie B.
  • Tate D.
  • Lily F.
  • Liliana E.
  • Tatyana B.
  • Anthony M.
  • Erin D.
  • Eli S.

Teacher: Ms.McKeown

6th Grade:

Jordyn B.

Sean S.

Logan A.

Ryan G.

Eloise S.

Ben K.