The Spartan Edition

Broadcast Journalism

Course Goal: To produce a 10-minute, daily news/entertainment television show that will be broadcast to the entire student body, faculty, and staff every day. The purpose of our telecast, the Spartan Edition, is to inform students of newsworthy events at TJ and its surrounding community, to promote school activities and programs, and to present this and other information in an entertaining and professional manner that will help to build a stronger and better informed TJ community.

SE Crew Procedures (when using students in other classes)

1. With teacher permission (of the class your needed student is in), you can pull a student into the hallway for no more than two minutes for a quick video.-- You FIRST need permission from the teacher. You should not speak to anyone in the class before you speak with the teacher.-- We are NEVER allowed to interrupt a teacher. If the teacher is speaking to the class in anyway, we are not allowed to interrupt. We will have to use a different student.2. We are NEVER allowed to pull students from a class and into the Spartan Edition studio.3. If a student club has an announcement to make in the studio, the Club Sponsor Adult needs to arrange passes from the student's class to room 104. (The studio)