ELA Park Hill

English Language Acquisition


Welcome to ELA Park Hill

What is ELA?

  • ELA stands for English Language Acquisition - - acquiring English as a second language. The ELA program supports English Learners in achieving grade-level, academic language proficiency.

Who is eligible to receive ELA services?

  • Students whose primary language (L1) is a language other than English, and/or
  • Students with parents/guardians whose primary language (L1) is a language other than English

The Park Hill ELA program provides:

1) English Language Development (ELD)

  • ELA-trained teacher, English instruction, Spanish support available
  • Pull-out, small group instrucion
  • Push-in (home room) paraprofessional support
  • Focus on Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Domains
  • Lessons include visual aids, sensory materials (realia/manipulatives) and lots of partner work (collaboration) which maximizes comprehension
  • ACCESS standardized language proficiency exam (state exam)

2) Sheltered Instruction in the classroom

  • ELA trained classroom teachers; English instruction
  • Content language objectives
  • Grade level concepts; differentiated instruction