North High School Yearbook is sent to our publisher on May 9th at 8 pm is being printed now( it usually takes 3-4 weeks for printing to be done). All orders are set to ship home so buyers can expect to get the book delivered anywhere from end of May to mid-June,2022. If you have any questions related to purchase or shipping, please contact TreeRing directly-see below

North High School is NOT RESPONSIBLE for distributing yearbooks at school site or collecting money for any yearbook purchases-all orders have been taken online by TreeRing. DO NOT contact school treasurer or yearbook teacher/staff for any order related questions, call TreeRing directly( number is below)-thanks so much for your understanding!

All orders are taken online and shipped home this year-If you have any questions about your order, please directly contact TreeeRing Customer Support Team as the school does not take/process the money orders. TreeRing Customer Support teams are available Monday - Friday, 6AM - 6PM, PST.


then follow the prompts. Parents can also email them at

Books are sold online only via our publisher TreeRing. No school site sale collection or distribution.

All orders will be shipped home directly from TreeRing-Please make sure you put in home address for delivery, not the school address.

Purchase Passcode: 101588107911849

Purchase from the link HERE

please know that you must use the student real name and school issued email( the one that ends with register an account or else it won't get through.

Sincerely at your service, Ms. Mohr

Please only contact me via email at DO NOT LEAVE ANY VOICE MAIL-Other email or channel will not guarantee message delivery.

Thanks so much!