Enrichment Groups

with Mrs. Donofrio

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Check out what your child is working on: Google Classroom Link or check out the pictures below!

Kinder kids read a story and wrote about it using details from the text.

Kinder kids on the 100th Day!

First grade

1st Graders in Moen (above) worked on a STEAM project around Valentine's Day where we research the form and function of a mailbox and then had to create our own mailboxes. The requirements were to be creative using limited resources, have a " lock" system, and accommodate a pencil, small toy, and cards. Look at their amazing designs!

1st Graders in Atchison (below) worked on reading stories and writing about key details in a text. They also are working on sequencing, so they wrote and drew the order in which events occurred in the classic, Where the Wild Things Are!

2nd Grade

2nd Graders used number bonds and pictures to help solve "how many more" word problems.

2nd grade has participated in Miquon Advanced Math and a few STEAM projects. I love their excitement for doing STEAM projects and their love of MATH!

Third Grade

Third Graders are studying and using figurative language, specifically similes, to enhance their writing. We read My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks and wrote our own poems using similes. The kids even made one for Brinley before she moved to Pennsylvania :( We are learning to analyze characters and how they impact events during our novel study using Frindle.

Math lessons include learning equivalent fractions, measurement, and multiplication word problems.

STEAM project: We researched bobsleds, aerodynamics, and used knowledge to build Bobsleds during the Olympics.

4th Graders hard at work looking at their essays using a different "lens" perspective!

5th Grade Math students researched Bridges and did a STEAM activity to apply their knowledge. Tuesday's group is building truss bridges out of straws.

4th and 5th Graders are working on a Introduction to Innovation Unit. This unit is using a 3-d Printer to teach kids about Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship! It is soo much fun and so cool to see the printer print their product.

5th Grade

5th Graders research the benefits of Fair Trade Companies and the impact on cocoa farmers of non-fair trade companies. They are sharing their knowledge and educating others by creating biographies of cocoa farmers and quoting text from their research. Who knew the inside of your chocolate bar could be so informative and empowering?

Maggie Donofrio is the Interventionist/Gifted and Talented Teacher at KCAA. She comes from a family of teachers and also wanted to pursue a career working with kids everyday! She majored in Elementary Education at the University of Illinois. Mrs. Donofrio earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Leadership in 2011. She grew up in Chicago and taught both 4th and 5th grades while living in Illinois. She and her husband moved from Chicago to Colorado for the mountains, sunshine and adventure! She taught two years at McMeen Elementary before joining the KCAA family. She has a passion for challenging students and teaching them problem-solving strategies through STEM projects.