Friday Reading Group

Room 137

Mr. Albert

Friday, March 22nd

Hi 3rd Graders,

Please finish your hangman game for Ms. Franchini. If you are done, I've added a new template that you can use for a new list of spelling words. Just ask Ms. Franchini for the list and you can get started. Remember to use the resources in the Google Classroom to help you.

Good luck and have fun : )

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Look through this list of new emojis. What do you notice?

230 New Emojis in Final List for 2019.pdf

Now, let's read about the new emojis:

These are the 230 new emojis coming to your iPhone and Mac in 2019 | Macworld.pdf

Here is the Unicode Consortium website:

Since Tuesday was the celebration of the lunar year, you can finish your zodiac!

You can also make more pixel art emoji.

5. Watch this video:

6. Answer this question:

7. Review these two rail maps:


8. Answer this final question:

Previous Assignments

Now, answer this question:


When you complete both your written and typed response to "Who Who Invented Emojis," try to create your own emoji : ). Click the image to join our Google Classroom.

You can also try this Emoji Memory Puzzle.

Emojis 3rd Grade.pdf

Week of Monday, October 1st - Friday, October 5th

Answer these three questions. Use the paper copy.

Mrs. Franchini will tell you when you will have time to complete the following.

Last week we used "control the game" to read the emoji article.

Use your article and question from your reading group bin. Answer these three questions (use the paper copy!!!).

Next, watch my screencast:

friday reading instructions.mp4

Watch this if you need help with the question:

who invented the emoji.mp4

Complete the paper copy of "Who Invented Emojis". Next, proofread and edit your response. Last, type your response in the form below: