DSA 6th Grade


Sept. 18 2018

School News:

Picture Retake Day Tuesday, September 25 from 7:40-1:20.


This week, we are working on microscopic things. In our Micro biomes unit, our vocabulary is including words like: microscopic, organism, microorganism, scale and cells. We are looking at Cells, and we will be introduced to elements. Both are microscopic. Students will be learning about elements this week. Students will also get a homework project to build a microscopic model of a cell or an atom.

Social Studies:

This week we are working on map skills. Students work in class on the Elements of a Map, a mini project of Types of Maps which will lead into creating a map of their own.

Language Arts:

We have started our first novel, Freak the Mighty! Students completed some background research on Arthurian legends that connect to the novel. We are going to be focusing on figurative language (metaphor, simile, personification, allusion, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, pun and verbal irony).

We are going to also be focusing on writing personal narratives using the novel as a mentor text. If you have not read your student's first Burdick story, have them share it with you. They are super creative!


For the first four weeks of this school year, students reviewed and learned the followings: Multiplication flash cards, Number system (Natural to real/imaginary), Square/Square Root numbers, Structures of Operations (Sum/Difference/Product/Quotient), Powers of Ten (including negative exponents), Scientific Notations, Place Values, Operations of Integers. Students will work on prime factorization/common factors/multiples/Least common multiple/Greatest common factor this and next week. I am very proud of my students, who have been demonstrating exceptional work ethics.

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