6th Grade

End of the Semester Updates!

Math - Plan on assessments running sometime between May 22 - May 31.

Geography - Final/Projects date is TBD

May 24-26 Students are pulling together reading, writing and speaking in the Newscasts in Language Arts Class.

May 26 - Science and Language Arts Finals

May 26 - Academic class time will be modified so each class is visited, and time is available in the afternoon for International Food Day.

May 26 - Annual International Food Day. Be on the lookout for a message from Mr. Lunceford regarding International Food Day. Students will be sharing and teaching others about countries of origin, research, or interest. This event will be in the afternoon from 1:15 - 2:30.

May 31 - Annual Field Trip to Museum of Nature and Science. The cost is $5, and we will need parent chaperones. Please email Mr. Abbott at John_Abbott@dpsk12.org if you are interested in chaperoning. Permission Slip

Second Semester is Here!

January 31

It's not that we don't want to keep you up-to-date, we really do, it's just that things got so busy! Snowshoeing was a great time. We loved all the projects from science fair. The survival unit is upon us. There are a tons of explorers. Ecology is fascinating. Numbers and letters are starting to mix. Yeah, things are definitely busy around here. Don't forget that Friday, February 3, our students do not have school. Enjoy the three-day weekend.

News to end the Semester

Hi everyone,

Here are some updates to help as we are ending our first semester in 6th grade! It is flying by, and before you know it, your student will be a 7th grader.

Hallway and Locker Update

December 14, 2016

Hi all,

As the semester comes to an end, we would like to point out a change that we need to make for the second semester in the hallways for our 6th graders. In our ongoing effort to reduce items getting lost and to create an environment that is more clean, we will need to have students put their backpacks and belongings in their lockers starting January 9. That will mean that over the break, we ask that you work with your student to streamline their backpacks. For many students, they will need to create space in their lockers by changing or removing some of their locker decor. Starting January 9, backpacks that are left in the hallway will be moved to lost-and-found.


DSA 6th grade team

Finals Schedule

Math - Tuesday (December 13) and Wednesday (December 14)

Language Arts - Friday (December 16)

World Geography - Friday (December 16). Make-ups Monday (Dec. 20) and Tuesday (Dec. 21)

Science - Monday (December 20) Here are links to Quizlets to help students study. Rocks, Plate Tectonics, Scientific Method, Standards of Measurements, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere, Atmosphere, Cryosphere, Convection Currents, Plate Boundaries, and Geologic Time.

Snowshoeing Permission Slips went home on Friday, December 8.

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