Welcome to the DSA 6th Grade Math Class (2018-19)!

6th Grade Math Syllabus

Teacher: Jin-young Park

Room: 116

Email: Jin-young_Park@dpsk12.org

Office Hours: 7:30 – 7:55 Friday Morning or by Appointment

Course Description

6th Grade Math reinforces basic mathematical concepts and introduces skills that are essential for all students to be successful in upper-level math courses. Students have mastered the four fundamental operations in their elementary grades and are now ready for a more challenging year of learning the following units:

· Factors and Multiples

· Ratios, Rational Numbers, and Equivalence

· Two-Dimensional Measurement

· Computing with Decimals and Percents

· Focus on Algebra

· Statistics and Data Analysis

Required Materials

Composition Notebook, Index cards (3in x 5in), Loose-leaf Paper, Pencils, Dry erase markers (Black with Fine Tip) (Do not bring your backpack to class. All backpacks should be left in the lockers)

Grading Policy

Each semester has a continuous gradebook which gives a final grade in December and June.

Product Grade (quizzes, tests, and projects) – 50%

Final Exam – 10%

Process Grade (homework, and in-class activities) – 40%

Grading Scale

A: 100% - 90%

B: 89% - 80%

C: 79% - 70%

D: 69% - 60%

F: 59% & below

Late Homework

Assignment will not be accepted after completing the unit. (Students have 2 days for every day missed to complete work as district policy indicates. If you know you are going to be absent, let me know and I can get your work to you and you will be caught up.)

Policies and Procedures

Attendance & Tardy: I expect you to attend class daily and to be punctual. You need to be in class working on the “HW Review Quiz” when class begins; there are no bells so watch the clock. We start the class with a “HW Review Quiz”, and the expectation is you begin to work on the material as soon as class starts. These quizzes are graded and are part of your grade. Students late to class will be required to come in at lunch.

Food and Drinks: NO food in the classroom including candies and gums (Water with lids allowed)

Electronics: I shouldn’t know that your cell phone exists. Either don’t bring a cell phone to class or make sure it is turned off during class (not on vibrate). If you do have your phone out, I will take it and email your parent. You can pick it up at the end of the day. If it happens again, your parent will have to come in and pick it up.

Using Infinite Campus (IC), you can now check student progress online. Please keep the following factors in mind when consulting IC:

• My plan is to update IC once a week.

• Due to school activities, field trips, student illness, art activities and other unforeseen delays, I may postpone the due date of an assignment. In these cases, the portal due date may no longer be accurate.

• A blank grade means the assignment grades have not been entered yet.

• A zero means the assignment was not submitted by the student.