Athletic programming is offered to all DMLK students grades 6-12. With the new $16 million dollar expansion to expand and update our own sports facilities, we are proud to now offer some high school programming on-site starting Fall 2022!

Our goal is to build our student athletes in the areas of academics, character, and goal-setting.

The far northeast athletics programs are transitioning into separate athletic programs that can be found through one of the following offerings:

  1. DMLK middle school athletics (grades 6-8)

  2. DMLK high school athletics inaugural year, 9th grade only for '22-'23 (volleyball; boys and girls soccer; boys and girls basketball)

  3. Far Northeast Athletics (Grades 10,11,12 ONLY) *DMLK students will participate in sports offered below as a Warrior

  4. Montbello Warriors Athletics (phase-in athletic program; 9th grade athletics) *DMLK students will participate in sports offered below as a Warrior

*With the opening of the new Montbello High School, the existing regional athletics program (Far Northeast Warriors) will phase-out by one grade level per year and the new DMLK and Montbello High School Athletics will phase in their athletic programs a level at a time.

Below are the rollout calendars for the athletic programs:

2022-'23- DMLK will offer C-team athletics; FNE offers sports for grades 10,11,12

2023-'24- DMLK offers C-team (and junior varsity level sports; FNE offers sports for grades 11,12

2024-'25- DMLK offers C-team/junior varsity/varsity levels; FNE offers sports for 12th grade only

2025-'26- DMLK will have all levels- C-team/junior varsity/varsity levels

Middle school panther athletics programs

(grades 6,7,8)

  1. Soccer, boys and girls

  2. Softball

  3. Flag Football

  4. Volleyball

  5. Basketball, boys and girls

  6. Baseball

  7. Volleyball, Basketball (6th grade)

  8. Futures Football (grades 7,8)

High school panther athletics programs

(C Team for '22-'23 school year)

  1. Volleyball

  2. Basketball, boys and girls

  3. Soccer, boys and girls

Far Northeast Warriors

(grades 11,12 ONLY)

  1. Soccer, boys and girls

  2. Softball

  3. Football

  4. Volleyball

  5. Basketball, boys and girls

  6. Baseball

  7. Track and Field

  8. Cheer

Montbello Warriors (C Team ONLY for '22-'23 school year)

  1. Softball

  2. Football

  3. Wrestling

  4. Baseball

  5. Track and Field

  6. Cheer

DMLK Middle School Athletic Director,

Shurrod Maxey

FNE Warriors Athletic Site Director,

Max Ishikawa

DMLK Panthers High School Athletic Director,

Shurrod Maxey

Montbello Warriors High School Athletic Director,

Damian Brown

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College after school athletics is a full comprehensive athletic program in the DPS Nuggets/ Avalanche Prep League. The Athletic program competes against middle schools throughout the far northeast and the rest of DPS.


  • Physical form -Physicals may be completed by your family doctor or at the school health clinic. It is the student’s responsibility to schedule a physical prior to the season beginning and give the completed form to the coach.

  • Emergency form completed before they can try-out or practice.

  • Eligibility-Students must maintain academic and behavioral eligibility. All grades must be a C or better to play and behavior must be satisfactory in all classes and throughout the school throughout the season.


  • Once the student has made the team, a $25 participation fee (per sport) must be paid prior to the first game for each sport; DPS officials and playoffs.

Schedules, Practices & Games

  • Practices are held after school Monday through Friday from 2:45 to 4:00 or as directed by the coach.

  • Practices take place at DMLK.

  • Students are responsible for identifying transportation home following practices and games; this is not provided by DMLK.

  • Games- Most games begin at 3:45.

  • You can find game schedules and directions to away games on the district website


Student-athletes are responsible for securing their own transportation after practice concludes. If we have an away game, district transportation will take the team to the away location. If parents/guardians wish to take their child home after the game, they must clear that with the coach prior to leaving.

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FNE Warriors Athletics is a regional 5A CHSAA sanctioned program competing amongst the top programs in the state. 7 schools from the far northeast unite and compete as Warriors. Most of the practices and competitions are held at Montbello Campus or Evie Dennis Campus.

Transportation-Student-Athletes may utilize the Success Express bus route to travel to their sport's practice location as a transportation option.


How to Participate-

Student-athletes wishing to join a sport must complete the following:

  1. Physical-Provide a copy of the student(s) current year physical (must be taken within 365 days of sport season played) to either Ms. Mindi @DMLK (in the Library) or to LaChelle Mitchell, FNE AD Secretary @Montbello Campus

  2. Register-Complete link through FamilyID and pay fee (please indicate whether you are free/reduced lunch or not.

Still have questions?


LaChelle Mitchell, FNE Athletics Secretary

Far Northeast Warrior Athletic Director

Paul Jefferson