6th Grade Science

Greetings Skinner Middle School Students and Families! I transplanted to Denver in 2007 from Kalamazoo, Michigan drawn by a milder climate, the splendor of nature and opportunity. My passions include cooking, gardening, skateboarding, yoga, snowboarding and exploring the people and places of Earth through travel.

Teaching rewards me everyday with opportunities to help support others in making their own discoveries about our world. I am also deeply fulfilled by the relationships created with our students and families. I have worked in education since 2006 teaching Biology and Chemistry at the High School level and have taught 6th Grade Science at Skinner since 2010. Since joining the Skinner Faculty I have continued to evolve as an educator learning from and alongside masterful teachers and through continued supports from The Public Education and Business Coalition and National Academy for Advanced Teacher Education.

Through these opportunities I have been able to travel the nation to hear from and think alongside pivotal minds who are shifting education. These opportunities have molded my teaching practices to be grounded in social justice and scientific inquiry. Supporting the whole child by embedding practices that value respect and equity, we dig into our Science Content. Students learn to become scientists by thinking and doing Science. Together we develop our own questions, implement methods to find answers and engage in rigorous thinking, discourse and writing tasks to demonstrate how our thinking has changed. ....but most importantly, we have FUN!

Office: Tel 720-424-1515

Email: CHRISTOPHER_MARTIN@dpsk12.org

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Brooke Gunn and I'm thrilled to be a member of the amazing Skinner Middle School community!

I'm originally from Oklahoma where I discovered my passion for science as a young girl. Growing up, I swam in the cool Arkansas river, climbed trees, and fished. All of these sparked my love for ecology and nature.

After graduating, I moved to North Dartmouth to study at the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. I earned my BA in Economics.

When I moved to Colorado in 2005, I fell in love with the outdoors again. You could find me camping in the National Forest with friends, running with my dog Norman, or hanging out in the parks around Denver!

I look forward to working with the sixth graders and exploring Earth Science with them!

Please reach out to me, if I can support your child to help them be successful!

Office: Tel 720-424-1516

Email: Brooke_Gunn@dpsk12.org