Please note the disctrict has scheduled an early release day on Friday, April 27.

This is the April Birthday Celebration day, so April birthday students will choose between extra recess or game this will occur in the morning, instead of the afternoon.

Students: Practice regularly with a parent/guardian at home on I-Ready Math and Reading for upcoming Spring Assessments You will be taking them in a few weeks!

The Southmoor Auction is approaching. Tickets are on sale now! There are many ways for everyone to contribute and participate in the Annual Southmoor Auction-Saturday, April 28, 2018! Please email our Parent Liaison Sarah Olney at for details on how to get involved with this Southmoor Community Fundraiser!

1st Grade Class-Mrs. Larson

Reminder: Please sign up for classroom snacks by using this link or the link that Sarah Olney has provided in the email: Snack Sign Up

to sign up for snacks. We are running low at this time. Thank you parents!

Birthday celebration days are listed on the Southmoor Calendar, and below. How this works: If parents choose, they send a classroom treat to be eaten during afternoon recess, after their peers sing Happy Birthday. Another option is to donate a book to the classroom library.

Please remind your students to leave toys, non-school related items, and valuables at home.

Important phone numbers: Main office 720-424-3930

Attendance Line: 720-424-3954

Important: Information about background checks for volunteers is available in the Main Office. Please have a visitor's pass when you arrive for your scheduled time.

Please notify staff in the main office when you are picking up your child before dismissal or checking your child in after tardy bell to obtain a slip to bring to the classroom. With consideration for instructional needs and continued focus of all other students, please place slip in small yellow pail located near the front door when you arrive. When you check-in with the main office, and a slip is not provided, just share that when you arrive for your child.


Please ensure your child is accessing I-Ready Reading, as well as Superkids Online Fun to support literacy growth.

Student Objectives:

Reading Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Associate ar with /är/; or with /ôr/; and ir, er, ur with /ėr/

Decode words with r-controlled vowels

Vocabulary Recognize and understand Memory Words cold, know, does, laugh, both, again Synonyms, homophones, onomatopoeia, and words related to fire

Comprehension Draw conclusions and understand characters

Use prior knowledge and monitor comprehension

Recognize patterns, rhymes, and rhythm

Fluency Read at an appropriate rate, rhythmically, and with expression

Writing Write a thank-you note and a pattern poem

Spelling Spell Unit 5 Memory Words Encode Unit 5 Pattern Words

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics Understand and form words with -ful


Students should access I-Ready Math or Reflex Math nightly for 15-25 minutes.

* I-Ready Math

* Reflex Math

Parent at home practice tips:

Reading and knowledge of math vocabulary is vital for students to demonstrate achievement in Math. Your child is expected to read, reread, identify what is being asked of them to solve, underline the important details to begin to solve. Then, solve, using a corresponding drawing. Finally, in writing explain how they solved using math terms such as: addend, sum, solve, operation (addition or subtraction), or equation. For geometry the academic language would be the words used to describe attributes of the shapes. Example: straight line, or vertex.

It is suggested that parents observe children while on i-ready or reflex math to become familiar with the vocabulary, language, content and skill expectations.

Students are frequently asked to analyze and identify the best choice and fill in a bubble with precision, or asked to identify two or three choices that are true: This requires reading, analyzing, and responding accurately.

Other Academic Language examples:

Add, subtract, ones, tens, hundreds, value, digit, place value, more, sum, all together, how many in all?, combine, plus,, both, decrease, difference, take away, less than, left, how many more?, deduct, remain, attributes, identify, vertex, side(s).


Due each Thursday. Sent weekly on Thursday's in the red Homework Folder.

Also: Have your child log on for digital access to practice Reading and Math, utilizing the following approved websites:

No need to print anything. Please do not reset password, as they use this digital tool in school.

I-Ready Reading and Math:

Students: To begin adaptive I-Ready Lessons in Math and Reading on the I-Ready Website. First, log into, select: log in as a student, then choose Southmoor to be able to enter DPS Username, student number, and Password, date of birth: mmddyyyy; Finally, using the same credentials, access I-Ready reading and math lessons.

Superkids Online

Reflex Math-Math facts practice-

Nightly reading should be 15-20 + minutes per night. Students that are demonstrating the most growth are regularly accessing the online tools, and reading approximately 20 minutes nightly.

Spelling tests are a small portion of your students literacy work. There is no specific day for this test. They are approximately every two weeks, and is aligned with Superkids Units.