North Carolina World Language Standard Course of Study & Instructional Toolkit Components

Note: This webpage is currently under construction. Please check back often to see updates and additions as they are posted.

World Language Standards

The World Language Essential Standards (WLES) were adopted by the North Carolina State Board of Education in September 2010 and implemented beginning in the Fall of 2012. The WLES are available in two formats: PDF of WLES and Word version of WLES.

In addition, the WLES has several Instructional Toolkit components:

Curriculum Writing Resources

Clarifying Objectives by Course (COCOs or CO2s)

Proficiency Outcomes Classroom Posters

Formative Assessment Tools

Assessment Examples (AEs)

Graphic Organizers


Program Resources

Administrator Guides

Course Codes for World Languages

Crosswalk with Community College Courses

Information Flyers on World Language Programs

Additional Materials Used with the North Carolina World Language Standard Course of Study

To access the standards for all subject or content areas, visit the Public Schools of North Carolina website, which is the authoritative source for all standards approved by the NC State Board of Education.