Help yourself to all of the curriculum, content, skill, and technology resources we have developed over the years to help support teaaching and learning.

The K-12 Social Studies Team acknowledges that each individual educator and collective group has particular needs which may vary depending upon the level of teaching experience, audience, student needs, educational setting, etc. With this in mind the resources uploaded and linked by the K-12 Social Studies Team are a continuous curration of good quality resources. Additional resources will continue to be added, some will be deleted, and some will be adapted based on the changing and evolving needs of educators. As you utilize the resources provided, keep in mind a few things which help ensure a good quality resource.

  • A good resource is accurate! - Resources must be factually accurate. Educational resources should provide sound information and theory, as well as good pedagoy and research based/proven strategies.
  • A good resource is relevant! - Resources need to be clearly curriculum-relevant to be the most useful, and all should be framed in the wider context of the subject/discipline.
  • A good resource is useful! - Any resource should have clear structure and language. The most effective method of presentation will depend on the content.
  • A good resource is efficient! - An educator’s time is precious, therefore any resource worth using needs to provide a good return on the time invested in delivering it.