GoOpenNC is the North Carolina, K-12, open education resources (OER) initiative. GoOpenNC is also the name of the platform where NC educators can search for, curate, and create openly-licensed, educational resources that are aligned to NC standards.

Connect with educators across North Carolina to share resources, learn how to incorporate OER into teaching and learning, and participate in a community of practice.

This collaboration begins with YOU!

#GoOpenNC Remote Learning Webinar Recordings:

Remote Learning Resource - Video Tutorial on Finding Downloadable Resources!

View this quick video tutorial to learn how to search for resources on #GoOpenNC that have downloadable documents that can be quickly shared or printed for student use. The video also shows you how to connect with other educators in our remote learning groups!


Think of a hub on #GoOpenNC like a "wing" of a library. Check back often for updates to the Remote Learning Resources Hub, and be sure to join a group!

Find your community!

Collaborate with NC colleagues! Join grade level, content area, and role-based groups. Share, curate, and co-author resources, join a discussion, ask other group members for help, and more!


Follow #GoOpenNC on Twitter to stay updated with GoOpenNC information, and see how NC educators are using and sharing OER.

Be a contributor!

Use the Open Author tool on #GoOpenNC to share instructional resources you've developed or high-quality OER you've found online. Imagine the wealth of resources we will have if we all contribute to the community of #GoOpenNC! Get started by clicking the "ADD OER" button on the top navigation bar of the #GoOpenNC platform.

Not ready to share? There are other ways to contribute! Remix a resource to make it even better, provide feedback to help content authors improve their own contributions, or join a group and curate the best resources into shared folders. GoOpen, NC!

The Quality Review Checklist and Rubric are designed to support the review and selection of learning resources through the identification of four domains and twelve key indicators.

The following questions summarize the criteria for high-quality resources and should be answered in the affirmative before approving their use in the classroom:

    • Is the instruction focused, engaging, and informative?
    • Is the content presented accurate, adequate, and appropriate?
    • If applicable, are technology features purposeful, reliable, and accessible?
    • Is the design of the resource motivating, clear, and user-friendly?

Check out the #GoOpenNC Toolkit to learn about OER, the GoOpenNC initiative/platform, how to join the community, and more!

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Support Equity and Flexibility

The worldwide OER movement is rooted in the human right to access high-quality education. This shift in educational practice is not just about cost savings and easy access to openly licensed content; it's about participation and co-creation.