Fall 2020 PD Series

#NCELs - Growing Success for English Learners

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Growing Success for ELs: Fall PD Series

The NCDPI ESL/Title III team is pleased to announce the Growing Success for ELs: Fall PD Series. The team has scheduled a set of webinar sessions to share instructional strategies to support teachers of English learners throughout North Carolina. Topics include: Resources to support ELs during blended and remote instruction, the EL Teacher Network and the NC K-12 online educational resources initiative GoOpenNC, use of ACCESS score for instructional planning, family and community engagement, instructional supports through SIOP, and highlights from the Summer Conference.

The series will include a couple of professional learning opportunities designed by the WIDA Consortium and a three-session training for DL/I administrators by our special guest, former EL Support Team member, Dr. Joan Lachance from UNC Charlotte.


  • Registration: When you register for the NCDPI led sessions, the system automatically sends you your personal login information for the webinar. Please check for that email to be sure you have the link. If the email is not in your inbox, please check your ‘junk’ and ‘spam’ folders. (WIDA sessions are limited to 40 participants. Participants will be notified of acceptance and links sent closer to the first session date.)

  • Cancel Registration: For NCDPI lead courses, if you are unable to attend, please cancel your registration via the link in your acceptance email. You can cancel your registration up to 24 hours before the first session begins. Registrants who do not cancel the registration and who do not attend may be unable to register for future offerings. (WIDA cancellations should be sent to xatli.stox@dpi.nc.gov AND ivanna.anderson@dpi.nc.gov at least 3 days before the first session date so someone can be moved in from the wait list)

All shared resources and archives will be posted below on this webpage.

Fall 2020 PD Series - All session descriptions and registration links are on this shared document.

Fall 2020 PD Series

Shared resources:

Google Slides -- PDF File - Video recording: Session #1 Fall PD Series

Growing Success for English Learners During the 20-21 School Year - Monday, August 17, 3:30 - 5:00 pm

  • All educators are teachers of English learners!

  • This school year's goal: Bring a new colleague, another teacher or school administrator, to a professional learning opportunity to raise awareness and increase EL support.

  • One day at a time!

  • We got this together!!

Shared resources:

Google Slides -- PDF File - Video recording: Session #2 Fall PD Series

Together for ELs: Connect, Collaborate, and Contribute with GoOpenNC - Monday, August 24, 3:30 - 5:00 pm

Shared resources:

Google Slides -- PDF File - Video recording: Session #3 Fall PD Series

Using ACCESS Scale Scores For Instructional Planning - Monday, August 31, 3:30 - 4:30 pm

  • There are multiple data points for proper analysis of student growth and performance. Understand the difference among composite scores, proficiency level scores, and scale scores.

  • Use LinguaFolio as a tool to empower learners to manage their own language learning, provide a place for learners to collect evidence showing their growth, and facilitate language learning in and outside the classroom.

  • Don’t keep ACCESS for ELLs scale scores to yourself!

Your students’ scores can help parents/family caregivers and other educators better understand a student’s abilities.

Shared resources:

Google Slides -- PDF File - Video recording: Session #4 Fall PD Series

Summer Conference Highlights - Monday, September 14, 3:30 - 5:00 pm

  • The Growing Success for ELs Summer Conference started as part of the ESL/Title III team's vision to build capacity at the local school system level and sustain statewide implementation of research-based strategies to meet the needs of our English learners.

  • We offer courses for attendees to review second language acquisition methodologies, academic vocabulary and discourse strategies, and scaffolding techniques to enhance language development instruction with English learners.

All the resources we share during the Summer Conference have been acquired with Title III funding. Therefore, these resources and materials are available to ALL our educators of ELs to learn, remix, and implement in their instruction.

Shared resources:

Google Slides -- PDF File - Video recording: Session #5 Fall PD Series

Family and Community Engagement - Tuesday, October 27, 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Shared resources:

Google Slides -- PDF File - Video recording: Session #6 Fall PD Series

Instructional Supports Through SIOP - Monday, October 19, 3:30 - 5:00 pm

  • Review of the 8 SIOP Components: Preparation, Building Background, Comprehensible Input, Strategies, Interaction, Practice/Application, Lesson Delivery, and Review/Assessment

  • "Comprehensible Input may be one component that we don’t think about purposefully as we design and deliver our lessons yet it is ESSENTIAL for our ELs."

  • "Just like a child learning to walk falls and gets back up to try again with much encouragement from those around him, a language learner needs a safe environment in which to test the new language."

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