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Arts Ed Summer Refreshment

We want to hear about your successes and celebrate your year! Join us for some loosely structured time to reflect on your year, chart a course on how to build off of your successes, brainstorm how to tackle areas for growth, and leave feeling refreshed and ready for the new year. Milkshake optional.


Accessing Federal Funds for Arts Education

For All Arts Educators, Supervisors, and Curriculum & Instruction Leaders

Learn more about the eligible uses of funds in the ESSER III law and how NC Districts are using the funding to support Arts Education learning loss and strengthen programs regardless of declined enrollment. Guest Speakers: Lynn Tuttle (Director of Public Policy, Research and Professional Development for the National Association for Music Education), and Nate McGaha (Executive Director of ArtsNC). Panelists: James Daugherty (Davidson County Schools) and Leigh Ann Little (Guilford County Schools).

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SELf Care

Meeting the SEL Needs of Adults Through the Arts

We all know that we cannot serve students from an empty cup. Every educator has been repeatedly told to put on their own oxygen mask first but for most, virtual, hybrid, and in-person teaching during the COVID-19 Pandemic has been overwhelmingly stressful. Many adults do not know where or how to begin to address their own SEL needs but are charged with leading these efforts for children. We are here to help! ALL educators are welcome to join in this 8-session series to learn practical techniques to manage stress, rekindle daily joy through the arts, and explore how to apply lessons learned in this series to the classroom through Arts Integrated SEL lessons for students. We look forward to sharing this valuable content with you and know that your students will be better served when you engage in a little SELf Care!

In 2015, our amazing predecessors created the ArtsR4Life conference to meet the social and emotional needs of adult educators of every content while simultaneously providing arts integration, arts education, and arts exposure through meaningful experiences. In this series, specifically meant to overcome the challenges associated with social distancing and a year of change, you will be able to:

  • Renew yourself with small shifts to “Teach Happier”

  • Rekindle your passion for joy, creating, and education with a variety of sessions offered in different arts disciplines

  • Reflect on how meeting your SELf Care needs helps you teach better

  • Reconnect with your peers, your content, and the SEL Competencies to empower your students to have their SEL needs met

  • Rediscover the joy of education

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TEACH Happier with Suzanne Dailey

In this interactive session, you will learn realistic, manageable and proactive strategies based in positive psychology that will help us achieve work/life satisfaction while navigating this unique time of teaching. These small and manageable shifts, practiced over time, will help us teach happier, parent happier, partner happier, work happier, and increase our overall happiness and well-being. This session is led by Suzanne Dailey, an instructional coach in the Central Bucks School District where she has the honor and joy of working with elementary teachers and students in 15 buildings. Suzanne is Nationally Board Certified, a Fellow of the National Writing Project, and has a Masters Degree in Reading. She writes for the Teach Better Team in her monthly blog series, "Teach Happier" and hosts the "Teach Happier" weekly podcast.

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Life-Hacks for Grounding Yourself co-presented with the NC Symphony

Please join NC Symphony musician Rachel Niketopoulos for a wellness exploration. This class will give you life-hacks to instill grounded, happy feelings. Learn simple, but instantly effective calming techniques involving breathwork, visualization, and easy eye exercises. This session will be taught in such a way that teachers can revisit the video to reinforce the techniques as part of their self-care routine.

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Mindful Moving with Sayward Grindley

Let’s move in ways that provide love, care, and joy to our bodies and celebrates them. This session will address the use of movement in our daily lives, teaching, and creative practices by exploring how the use of language, imagery, positive associations, and anatomical awareness can enhance our own abilities to sustain our bodies and minds throughout our daily tasks. Let’s practice movement that makes us feel good!

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Mindful Meter with Brandon Roeder

Come rekindle your love of music making with others. This session will give you an opportunity to make music with others as well as share helpful strategies to integrate music into your overall wellness practice, leading to a healthier mind, body, and spirit. We will also explore the science behind how and why music affects us.

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Mindful Making with Michelle Harrell and Ophelia Staton

Visual Journaling for Self Care with Michelle Harrell and Ophelia Staton: Visual Journaling for Self Care: Join a journal playdate with other educators to rest and refuel. Michelle Harrell and Ophelia Staton will model strategies for your own visual journaling to develop mindfulness and well-being using materials you already have on hand. Bring whatever old planner, sketchbook, or lined journal you happen to have nearby. You’ll need a glue stick, scissors, and a nearby supply of junk mail, old to do lists, or notes for collage. You’ll also need at least one marker- choose whatever size, color, or style works best for you and is already available. No art experience needed to participate.

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Mindful M-agination with Triad Stage Learning Programs

Do you love to laugh? Be ready to leave your inhibitions behind in this session designed to reconnect with your playful spirit while using your whole body to tell a story (or a joke!) The amazing educators at Triad Stage will lead participants through clown warm ups, theatre games, and explore our imaginations in this session open to all educators.

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NCMA Virtual Teacher Workshop: Roots and Leaves Expressive Arts Experience

Join educator Marla Hawkins and the North Carolina Museum of Art for an expressive arts self-care workshop connecting visual art making, gentle yoga stretches, guided meditation and discussion to process our thoughts and feelings as we move through challenging times and look ahead to what keeps us rooted, growing, and healthy. Registration link forthcoming. Space will be limited.

Session Materials (on the NCMA Learn Website)

The Mindful Classroom with Elizabeth Peterson

The arts can play a large role in your SELf care, but how does all this work translate to your classroom? What they say is true: Happy Teachers = Happy Kids, and now it’s time to put this into action. Join Elizabeth as you explore ways to apply what you have learned through the experiences in this series into your own teaching. Elizabeth Peterson is the host of The Inspired Classroom and the creator of SEAL, Social-Emotional Artistic Learning, a unique method of integrating the arts with SEL that empowers teachers to truly reach and teach their students.

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A+ U Self-Care Videos, created by the A+ Schools of North Carolina


A+ U Elective videos are for anyone looking for an opportunity for self-care, enjoyment and personal growth. Created by A+ Schools of North Carolina, these short videos on a variety of topics are meant to support well-rounded learning for both personal and professional growth.

Watch now: bit.ly/AplusUElectives

ARTS + SEL Series

Integrating SEL into Arts Education

This webinar series is designed for educators who want to learn more about integrating Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into their classrooms and standards-based curriculum. An overview of North Carolina's SEL initiatives will be shared, including the work of the NC SEL Implementation Team and the five CASEL Competencies and Core SEL Practices. The new SEL Standards Mapping documents will be explored, along with other resources that can support implementation of SEL into any PK-12 learning environment.

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Integrating SEL into Visual Art

Join A+ Schools of NC Fellows and SEL + Visual Art Guidance Document writers Nate Barton and Maggie Bennett as they share SEL integration examples from their own classroom into both Classroom Activities and Instructional Practices. Learn more about CASEL's three signature practices, and engage with the reflection journal to explore a process of how to purposefully connect SEL Competencies into classroom activities and practices that you are already doing.

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Integrating SEL into Theatre Arts

Join A+ Schools of NC Fellows and SEL + Theatre Art Guidance Document writers Jef Lambdin and Josh Batenhorst as they share SEL integration examples from their experiences as teaching artists. Learn more about CASEL's three signature practices, and engage with the reflection journal to explore a process of how to purposefully connect SEL Competencies into classroom activities and practices that you are already doing.

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Integrating SEL into Music

Join A+ Schools of NC Fellows and SEL + Music Guidance Document writers Meg Boerner and Susan Zelasky as they share SEL integration examples from their own classroom into both Classroom Activities and Instructional Practices. Learn more about CASEL's three signature practices, and engage with the reflection journal to explore a process of how to purposefully connect SEL Competencies into classroom activities and practices that you are already doing.

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Integrating SEL into Dance

Join Nationally recognized A+ Schools of NC Fellows and SEL + Dance Guidance Document writers Noël Grady-Smith & Sara Ridings as they share SEL integration examples from their own classroom into both Classroom Activities and Instructional Practices. Learn more about CASEL's three signature practices, and engage with the reflection journal to explore a process of how to purposefully connect SEL Competencies into classroom activities and practices that you are already doing.

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Emotions Alive - Crayola CreatED Webinar (All 5 Core Competencies)

Finding ways to discuss feelings can help children recognize and manage emotions. In this project, children will have fun as they design a card game that weaves social and emotional responses into the game play to help build understanding of themselves and others. The game will focus on recognizing emotions and gaining self-management skills. This video is in a recording of a Crayola Webinar presented with NCDPI K-12 Music and Theatre Arts Consultant, Brandon Roeder (and his family), on SEL Games at home.

Find the PDF of the Project: Emotions Alive!

Webinar Recording

Integrating Art to Build SEL Competencies (All 5 Core Competencies)

Brandon Roeder and Sayward Grindley from the NC Department of Public Instruction joined the NCMA Education team to discuss how integrating art into the classroom supports Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Educators practiced a series of strategies discussing works of art that addresses the five core competencies in the framework created by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL).

Webinar Recording Slide Deck Resources for Social Emotional Learning on NCMALearn

Creating Self-Regulated Learners (Self-Management)

Students acquire knowledge through teacher led instruction. Every day, students are required to go into your classrooms to learn about a new concept, reinforce old concepts, and reflect upon how they learned and what their progress is. Well, you do the reflecting for the most part. But why not teach students how to regulate their OWN learning? Teach students how to track their progress at home, in the classroom, and how to reflect on their own progress? The old adage in music is "Go practice it." But, how many students actually know how to practice? In this session, Matthew Holt, one of the Orchestra Directors at Durham School of the Arts, will teach you what self-regulated learners look like, what the benefits are in and outside the classroom, how to increase individual transfer of learning, and how this is so critical to the COVID-19 school year.

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Supporting Learning Differences In Arts Education

Virtual Tools for Supporting Learning Differences in Arts Education

Join NCSU Professor Dr. Lisa Hervey once more as she shares online tools for empowering all students to take control of their own learning, supporting English Learners and students with Tier 2 and 3 MTSS supports. A timely webinar for the Virtual Education world we are currently living in, these tools will transfer from Crisis to Classroom when the pandemic ends.

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MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) for Arts Educators: What Does it Mean for Me?

Join Beth Rice, Integrated Academic & Behavior Systems Student Supports Consultant, CASEL CSI Team Lead at North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and the NCDPI Arts Ed Team to unpack the MTSS Framework and how it impacts our students, both in and outside of Arts Education. Walk away knowing how to utilize the structure to set your students up for success, and how to support students whose Tier 2 and 3 modifications impact the Arts Ed classroom in ways you may have never thought of. We will explore these MTSS learning targets: build common language and understanding of Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), examine six critical components of MTSS, identify integrated systems within an MTSS and explore role of individuals in an MTSS.

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SDI within an MTSS for Arts Educators

We all have at least one student who needs specific interventions. Are you wondering how to meet their needs most effectively? Join Ginger Cash, NCDPI Intervention Consultant, in this webinar where we dig into specific Dance, Music, Theatre, and Visual Arts classrooms to meet the needs of students with IEPs (or any other specific learning modifications). You will come away from this webinar with the tools you need to effectively plan for instruction specially designed to improve every student’s outcomes.

Webinar Recording Password “XnZMFwe3 Slide Deck Participant Notes

FEEDback Buffet

A Series on Virtual Differentiated Assessment Practices

A lot is going on in our world right now, and Arts Educators need to slow down and focus on what is most important for their students at this moment and the rest of this school year. Come FEAST at our FEEDBACK BUFFET as you learn how to retool, refocus, and rethink how you can better connect with and teach your students in a 3 part series focused on differentiated virtual assessment practices.

Presented by: Dr. Lisa Hervey, NBCT, is a Senior Research Scholar & Digital Learning Coach at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and Teaching Professor in the College of Education - Instructional Technology Program at North Carolina State University. With over 16 years of experience, starting with 10 years as a public school 6th - 8th Language Arts teacher, her learning and teaching now focuses on the creation and facilitation of both face-to-face and online professional development that supports pre- and in-service educators in transforming their digital pedagogies and teach beyond the tools.

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Part 1: Multimedia Feedback Tools

This session covers Padlet, Screencastify, and Vocaroo. Think you know these tools? Think again! Dive deep into how to use these tools to give both public and private feedback while connecting with you students - even while socially distanced. But these tools translate from Crisis TO Classroom! Keep using these tools when school returns to the brick-and-mortar setting!

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Part 2: Flipgrid First Course

This session covers flipgrid basics.

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Part 3: Flipgrid Desserts

Who doesn't love dessert? Dig in to discover the richness that is flipgrid and savor every moment while digesting all of this amazing knowledge!

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Making Lemonade Series

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Canvas for Arts Educators

As part one of our "Making Lemonade" PLC series, Pam Bachelor, NCDPI Digital Learning Systems Consultant, will be sharing how Arts Educators can best utilize the Canvas learning management system (LMS) for their courses in the fall. A musician herself, she recognizes the challenges of being an arts teacher online and is excited to assist the field in conquering those challenges.

Webinar Recording Recording Password: MnQxRu2M Link to Slide Deck

Fine Arts Remote Learning Strategies

Kelly Bisogno, Virginia Department of Education's Coordinator of Fine Arts and former Online Visual Arts Teacher, shares her experience, expertise, and deep understanding of how to teach standards-based arts ed lessons to diverse learners. Kelly shares her knowledge of how to create a culture of trust, create frameworks for learning that will support ALL learners, communicate effectively, make online learning meaningful and visible while sharing real examples from her online courses.

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Pear Deck for Arts Ed: Interactive Presentations, Even from Home

Wanting to engage students more even remotely? With Pear Deck, bring your lessons to life with interactive activities and formative questions that students can answer in real time! Come learn how you can use this great tool with your students! We will set up your Pear Deck Account, create lessons, use Pear Deck extensively, and view a multitude of examples for how to use Pear Deck in the Blended or Remote Teaching environment.

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Rethinking [Remote] Lesson Plans

Let's get back to the basics of detailed lesson planning, just like when we first started teaching, but rethinking our approach. This session will talk about lesson planning essentials, templates, and tips for creating arts education lesson plans that transition well to online and blended learning. Please feel free to bring and share your own lessons and ideas for starting points.

As an instructional coach for an entire school at Mooresville Middle School, Felicia observed different classes online every day, learning how each one best operates online during remote learning. As a former arts educator, she has a passion for reimagining effective instruction from other areas to make it relevant for the arts.

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Google Classroom for Arts Education

In this session, you will hear about: Tips and Tricks for Google Classroom, Successful District-Level Implementation, Clear examples of how to use in remote learning, Other tools that integrate with Google Classroom, and a Q&A session.

Join Andrew Markoch, Vance County Schools Director of Fine Arts and Innovation, Kate Cummings, NC Dance Education Organization President, and Jill Taylor, Manager of School and Teacher Programs at the NC Museum of Art as they share how Google Classroom can be utilized to by Arts Educators from a school district to a classroom level. , Brandon Roeder, your Music and Theatre Arts Consultant, will share how he utilized Google tools in his instruction across multiple music disciplines and grade levels.

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Dancing Alone, But Together

How can we make it the BEST it can BE as we dance alone but together, reach the whole student and explore the 3 C's- Connect, Create, Compassion. Presented by Betsy Graves, Dance Director, Needham B. Broughton High School, 2017-2018 Wake County Teacher of the Year, 2018-2019 Magnet Schools of America Region IV Teacher of the Year.

This webinar will discuss the following:

  • Day to day virtual operations (Scheduling, Student Leadership, Class ideas, Rehearsal struggles and successes, How to keep it fresh (Testimonies from students))

  • Virtual production and editing (Software, Timing, Student Involvement , Live Stream helpful hints)

  • Enrichment experiences (Master Class Series, Student led Bonding, Statewide virtual DPA, Collaboration amongst programs)

Webinar Recording Recording Password: mATJQy6w Slide Deck

Thinking Outside the Box - 90 minute Session

Are you finding it challenging to be innovative in your new virtual classroom? Have you been overwhelmed by combining tech tools to present engaging content to your students?

During these challenging times, while educating our students is still a priority, there are many questions on how to provide an authentic arts education experience. Among the many, you may be asking yourself: How will I meet with my students? What kind of assignments should I give? What about supplies and materials? How do I deal with grading?

Join three incredibly tech-savvy visual arts educators and discover a plethora of Web 2.0 tools and lessons ideas that increase participation, engagement, and meaning for our students! They will each share specific examples of their outside the box, that have been successful in their own classrooms, and then host discussion and Q&A about how to best make remote learning work for visual arts in creative and innovative ways.

Presented by:

  • Katie Mabe Royal, A high school art teacher with the North Carolina Virtual Academy

  • Lissa Pedersen, an elementary art teacher with a great take on making YouTube work, and

  • Nate Barton, a 6-12 art teacher and A+ Fellow

Webinar Recording Recording Password: Yu3WxsSe Slide Deck

Rehearsal and Beyond: How to Teach Music Online - 90 Minute Panel with Q&A

If you want your kids to sing or play in the virtual or hybrid environment, come to this session! Join Michelle Rose - NC Virtual Music Teacher, Andrew Craft - Secondary Music Administrator, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, Amber Houk - Elementary Music Teacher, Jason Spencer - NC Symphony Education Director, and Justin Dickson - Middle School Band Director, Wake County Public Schools to explore lessons learned from the spring, and exciting plans for the fall. Having taught virtually for 4 years, Michelle Rose will share a plethora of knowledge and “how-tos” ready-to-go for the fall!

Webinar Recording Recording Password: gQmUSXQ9 Slide Deck

Virtual Drama Games: Creating Stories through Ensemble Building - 90 minute Workshop

How do you adapt classroom experiences that are usually done in a large group setting to build a community online? How do we shift the focus of what we learn about drama from the interpersonal connections in a shared space to how to connect through the screen and camera, and use those tools with purpose for ensemble building? This session will allow participants to experience ensemble building games adapted for the virtual world, as educators step into the role of the student. We will then lead into a discussion for developing strategies and applications of these tools to build and ensemble with your class remotely or when you get back in person. These strategies can be used along with elements of literature and storytelling to have students take part in the devising process of creating stories or performances specifically for the virtual platform. You are invited to participate at your comfort level.

Presented by Dani Keil, Triad Stage Learning Director

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Bitmoji Classroom for Arts Educators

Most of us have already used or at least seen Bitmojis, but now let's explore ways to use them to engage our learners and make virtual environments more interactive. This SUPER INTERACTIVE AND HANDS ON session will explore ways to create virtual, interactive classrooms using Bitmoji and other simple tools. We'll show you lots of tricks and then you'll have time to ask questions and try building your own! You'll leave this session with a start to a Bitmoji classroom for the fall and lots of resources to help you moving forward.

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Afternoon Pick-Me-Up Series

June 17-25, 2020

As a follow-up to the Arts Ed PLCs the NCDPI team has held in Late May, content-specific PLCs will be held for teachers to discuss their ideas, successes, and challenges when facing the 2020-2021 school year. The NCDPI Arts Ed team will be able to more deeply explore how specific dance, music, theatre arts, and visual arts standards can be utilized in creative, effective and meaningful remote learning. Break-out rooms will also be utilized for different sub-contents or grade level groups to meet and discuss more specifically to their needs.

Recording Password: vMJnSUh5

Link to Music Notes and Slides

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May 27-28, 2020

Come collaborate with your peers and your NCDPI Arts Consultants to discuss how to best teach the arts in an online environment. Brainstorm ways to meet the material, SEL, and academic needs of your creative students.

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